Dr. Bill and GT Surf Hwy 101

GT’s Depression and Abduction Sir Waddle A. Lot’s harsh reaction to our article came at a very difficult time in my life. My baby is gone, big butt saddle and all. GT, my love, who was devaluated and demoralized by Sir W, is no longer with us. Immediately after reading Sir W’s critique to GT, he lapsed into a deep depression and couldn’t even get it up enough to escape from the bike-nappers. He was bike-napped, ripped off! It ripped off a chunk of my heart. He was my guy. Debra, my beautiful wife, said, “I want you to know even though I was jealous that I didn’t conspire to have your bike stolen.” Will it be pawn shop, garage sale or junk yard for my old partner? I’m starting a national campaign to have all bike thieves, age eight and above, receive the death penalty by stoning with bicycle nuts, bolts and gears. I don’t think I mentioned that we were an interracial couple. Black is beautiful. GT’s vibrant color and branding are clearly displayed in the only existent picture in which GT appears nude. If you would like a copy, please email me your address. Seeing my dismay, my spouse,Debra, went to craigslist and found a GT Timberline (GTT) gift for me for a $100. Not as upgrade as my old partner, but GTT is young, strong, tough and without a scratch. It’s happening slowly, but the hurt is going away. I am attracted to this younger, shinier GT with RevoShift. It’s far too early to tell whether this spring-winter relationship will lead to marriage. You are right, it was established over seven decades ago that I’ve a lack of class and tawdry taste in all but my choice of women. Perhaps, you can could be a tutor to teach me to be more classy, like you. Anytime you would like to join me for push-ups and sit-ups, you are welcome. By the way, Sir Waddle A. Lot,I sincerely thank you for your well-thought out and researched criticisms and comments. Thank you for carefully reading the article. You have created an awareness in me to be even more careful in my words and data. I’ve always wanted a critic, as it demonstrates that I have arrived. I’m so impressed that I would like to invite you to proofread my next Reader submission. I think we could go far combining our skills. It is nice to have a friend. I think the San Diego Reader should hire you to provide critiques of their author of the week. You do a great job. Oh, yes, Sir Waddle, I presume that you weren't that pedophile that GT and I accidentally jostled in Old Encinitas? If you were, you have my profound apologies for our careless biking. Thank you, Dr. Bill and GTT
— February 6, 2012 11:55 a.m.

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