Pacific Beach Foot Traffic, Retail, Up in Smoke

I am raising my family in Pacific Beach. I love the bay and the beach, but the business district on Garnet is an "EYE SORE." I try to patronize local stores, but there are not many that I can buy things at. I took my son to GoodWill one day, and there was shouting and vulgarity coming from the Long Board Bar next door. I asked the Sales Lady if that was common, and she said it was, and very embarrassing to her and their patrons. This is the same type of behavior I have experienced on Garnet, with the many drunk and illmannered people who frequent this Business District day and night.The over concentration of bars, with their cheap drinks, pub crawls, and Party Buses which the bars encourage to visit their businesses, on many evenings do not paint a positive picture for our community! I heard the other day, that many of our local PB hotels are seeing more families visit since the Beach Alcohol Ban.Do you think those families go to Garnet? NO! They go to Little Italy, Sea Port Village, and other areas that they feel safer and can find items that meet their needs. We are loosing alot of business because of what we mostly have to offer, tattoo I know for sure, that Discover PB works hand in hand with the bars, especially with our local Hospitality Task Force. The Director of Discover PB seems to be out of touch with the negative impact the surrounding neighborhoods get. By the way, most of the PB bar owners, as well as the Director of Discover PB, do not live in Pacific Beach. It would be nice to drive friends from out of town down Garnet and not have it look like Revolution Avenue in Tijuana, which is actually looking better than Garnet these days! Signed by a Concerned Resident
— April 7, 2011 10:40 p.m.

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