Battle on the Beach

Years ago I testified at Land Use and Housing in front of Harry Mathis when they wanted to make Fiesta Island into a golf course. I said that this was the San Diego that tourists don't see, that is a free place for dog owners and many others to go. I said that to turn it into a place where 144 white guys could hit a little ball would be a disservice to all San Diegans. Since 1995 I've worked to gain legal leash-free areas for dog owners. While gaining some traction, Fiesta Island was never up for grabs until I moved away. See, I promised my dog a leash-free area and she died awaiting it. I worked in the inner circle of leash-free advocates and even served on a park board because I believe in parks, not just in dogs and their owners. I had to fight to join my rec council because they governed our park but we were not allowed to be represented, so I pulled out my "taxation without representation" speech and threatened another Boston Tea Party. Dog owners have worked so hard over the past 15 years, for so little gain. Fiesta Island was ours until it was nearly taken away and we had to fight for it again. Now paddlers think they can come in and take all these years of work away. Do unto others comes to mind. Dog owners scratched to get part of what they were granted by law and now newcomers are here scratching for a part of that. Did anyone paddle in the last decade? If so, where were you? Now you come and demand access and if you throw the City Council a hundred dollar bill they'd probably give you Fiesta Island and more. Its a sad state for my city.
— February 10, 2009 9:29 p.m.

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