13 Miles of Metal

Ernie, Nicely written article, the five references to razor wire notwithstanding. Shame it is needed but you see there is a difference between a good neighbor and a friendly neighbor Ernie. A good neighbor respects the property line. You really don't need a fence with them. Metaphorically speaking, they don't let their kids play on your grass or their dogs soil your lawn or garden. They are always good for a cup of sugar if you run out. They watch after each other and make sure no one harms the others property. They smile when you drive down the street and wave. They're a good neighbor. No fence needed or wanted. Canada is a good neighbor. The friendly neighbor smiles and waves as you go down the street too however as you look past them you'll see their kids destroying YOUR yard. Their dog is digging up your garden and if they need something that you have, well they just take it. After all, you have it, they want it, problem solved. You VERY DEFINITELY have to have a fence with that neighbor and if that friendly guy is also moonlighting as a drug or people smuggler, well, sad as it is, you're probably going to consider the dreaded razor wire. Mexico is a friendly neighbor. Great food, beautiful resorts and largely a warm inviting culture. Deadly hangover after all the fun. Wonder why we have razor wire and 20 foot fences? Peek over the other side. Were it not for that fence, it would be in YOUR neighborhood and in many cases with unfettered illegal immigration and an unprotected East County, it already is.
— April 30, 2009 7:20 a.m.

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