San Ysidro School District teachers ripped off?

Well, it is about time someone at the SD County Board of Education notices something being quite wrong with its top staff. One wonders why the San Diego County Board of Education did not also place Assistant Superintendent Duzyk on Administrative Leave. She was the person who should have helped the San Ysidro District in its time of need, but apparently instead let personal greed guide her actions. Consider that the CBOE is responsible for oversight, especially fiscal, of the school districts in its jurisdiction. However, the CBOE, with Ward and Duzyk at the helm, seem to have 'look the other way' syndrome when it comes to actually providing such oversight. For example, a group of very concerned South County citizens actually pleaded with the CBOE to intervene when the Sweetwater Union High School District became mired in corruption and quite smelly and questionable fiscal practices. The CBOE did NOTHING, and actually said, 'we can't help you'. WHAT???? The elected representative on the CBOE from South County never returned phone calls about the serious matters. Further, the Joint Powers function overseen by the CBOE, has given the lion's share of school districts' legal business to one Dan Shinoff...yes, the same guy who was sued by San Ysidro for failing to relay offer of settlement of a pending lawsuit to his then client, the San Ysidro district board. The same guy who is now also implicated in the mess at the Poway School District. The tentacles go deep and the San Diego County Board of Education has seemingly been happy to ignore its fiduciary responsibility to the tax payers of so many local districts. It is about time. I hope the forensic audit isn't overseen by Lora Duzyk. That would indeed be the fox guarding the hen house!
— July 21, 2016 3:53 p.m.