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There isn't really more land to acquire, and given the under-utilization of the parking garage near 30th/University, I'm not sure building more parking structures is the best solution. I have seen people--sober and not so sober--loudly carrying on around NP Way and 30th every Friday and Saturday night until at least 2:30 AM. There are several problems, most of which are public safety/enforcement issues. People like our neighborhoods, which is great for our local economy. The problem is our City lacks the resources to pay for adequate policing levels. This isn't, as far as I can tell, a mismanagement issue, it's a sheer numbers issue. And if we can't get the political will to raise taxes to pay for more police, then perhaps we can get the local will to get business districts to pay for proper security. We are talking about 2-4 armed Off-duty Officers for 8 total hours each weekend (11pm-3am). I've received a quote that puts the number at $928/weekend. These officers are licensed to carry firearms and have good relationships with local SDPD. Since the Maintenance Assessment District and the Redevelopment Agency are picking up large chunks of other costs in the area, perhaps some of the fees assessed to businesses in the Main Street BID should be used for security. I am not a fan of the late night crowds that gather near 30th/NP Way, but to be fair and honest, I've seen 10-12 employees from one of the local bars out on the streets cleaning and asking people to keep their voices down every Fri/Sat night for the last five weeks. Maybe we as neighbors need to organize locals to park along NP Way and in front of Jefferson and on Ray Street so that our out-of-area guests will be more inclined to use the parking garage. Perhaps we can encourage bars/restaurants/the theatre to give discounts to people who park in the parking garage. Maybe we need to boycott Saguaro's for taking such a lax approach to those little yellow carne asada wrappers that its guests throw on the streets. Maybe they need to take as much responsibility as some of their northern neighbors for the impact of their services. They don't have to serve people whose car stereos are blaring at 2 in the morning. They can refuse service to obviously drunk people, or at least come up with policies to better handle the crowd. Our neighborhood has lots of responsible business owners, and if we are going to turn the corner on the obnoxiousness problem, I'd like to be working with those responsible ones.
— May 26, 2010 8:43 a.m.

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