Grantville Redevelopment Money Transfer Ruled Permissible

For those who don't know, the underlying facts resulted from the government threatening to take (and thus, degrading) private property and giving it to other private cronies - in this case, the cronies of Jim Madaffer. This will make it very difficult for you to drive on Mission Gorge Road near Interstate 8 since there is no real plan to handle the increased traffic of lots of new condos and other buildings. Government officials, including judges, in San Diego should be required to take meaningful ethics classes that explain how peer pressure works. Judges are paid by the State as are the employees for the government who come before them. Perhaps these classes would have prevented this disgraceful and unfair ruling at the time Christine Kehoe helped pass the disgraceful eminent domain law in California that allowed private property to be taken by the government and GIVEN TO OTHER PRIVATE CRONIES OF THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. This could happen to you. Because San Diego is a military town, many government officials are part of the old-boy's-club, which members go out of their way to support each other. They and some of their relatives get preference points to beat out qualified job applicants. Commonly, job candidates are selected at interview upon the reference or being known by the decision maker. Thus, we end up with prejudiced, unqualified, and gutless sheep. All government officials in San Diego, except the most ignorant, are aware of the old-boy's-club and sure don't want to cross it. After all, its expensive here and losing a job would not only cost income, but make it more difficult to get another job. These government officials were sometimes appointed by people who got lots of donations from the exploitation industry. So we end up with even more people who support big business and lack of planning for the future, such as Grantville "redevelopment."
— December 23, 2010 8:27 p.m.

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