San Diego’s Secret Missile-Testing Sites

I posted the tribute on youtube. I along with some friends used to frequent the "Annex" from green farms and burner 3 to the other complexes. We used to take our 4x4s out from the pomerado side and park on the hills to use our cb radios and drink some beers. One night we made a right at the huge eucalyptus trees and drove down into the valley. We then went right passed a couple of structures one was "burner 3" and then through an old open gate to green farms. We actually played with the still working electric gate 3 small houses as I remember. One had sea containers that were open and contained all shape and sizes of plastic There were also giant pieces of aluminum. A large metal building which was new at the time was also there.. Another time My girlfriend and I were just out for an evening drive and we happened to find ourselves on the missile base road again entered from the top with her driving. there is a spot on the upper road where there used to be a gate that was always open but this one night. a guard stood at the gate and I was like tell him we are lost. My girlfriend told him we were trying to get to poway and for whatever reason he opened the gate and told us we could get to poway by going through and taking the road he was guarding. so we went through and we came upon the parking lot cars were actually parked on the road and all the people were at the end of the parking lot gathered around some device that pointed towards the stars So a day later during the day I went back to see what was up there and they had a huge like hot air ballon sized blue dome cover over the whole parking lot. They were hiding something lol. Another time my friend and I watched security open the gates that led down to on of the old sites in the valley. After the car went behind the hill we quickly drove over and shut the gate behind him then retreated to out hilltop. He came back up the hill and found the gate shut and hit his blinky flashy lights. We were rofl. He never saw us but I'm sure was a bit spooked. I knew a gal who worked on the ACM and showed me a pamplet showing the underground workings at the area last to be abandoned. I did relieve whoever of a couple of signs words DANGER missile test and research area general dynamics. Another sign I had was Maxwell Labs Green Farms electromagnetic gun facility,Both My friend still has a window off burner 3 about 2" thick and 14" diameter. I was able to see 35mm prints of osciloscope traces as well as some cool looking 4" dia brass and copper tubes in burner three building. One night we saw the most awesome shooting star like object enter the earths atmosphere. I saw it come over iron mountain it was white with a huge trail of silver sparks and streamed from eastern horizon to western horizon at took about 10 seconds to do that was very cool unsymetricaldimethylhydrazine is my favorite word.. take care
— September 22, 2008 7:30 p.m.

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