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Doing Europe: Prague, Czech Republic

Take it easy Fred. No need to get all upset over an article! Jeez. You sound like you are Mr. Prague! Who the hell do you think you are to say these things? How long have you been there? Honestly, I don't care, I was there for two years and I lived with my Czech girlfriend so yes, I probably know more about Czechs and the Czech culture than you do. A Czech friend just emailed me and told me they say Fakt, no. You obviously didn't drink the absinth with the little pieces of wormwood in the bottle. Sorry Fred Van Gogh! Prague is a 21st Century in it's own right cause these days more and more people are going to the wonderful city IN THE 21ST Century! I never said Prague wasn't cheap now. It was cheap when I was there! I have no idea how expensive it is now. Czechs are Czechs- it's an expression knucklehead- they are always going to be the great people they are even while their city changes. Sounds like you will end with some enemies from the looks of it. I was saying that Prague is freakin awesome city no matter how much you know before you go there. Man, you are really reaching on that one! I am not pretending to be an authority on the Czech culture- you seem to be Mr. Czech. I lived with a Czech girl, traveled to her little town in Novy Jicin SEVERAL times, took part in more Czech traditions than most people do- I was lucky enough to have had that experience. I did party yes but I learned more about the city/country than you think by traveling to dozens of towns and cities while I was there learning about the culture like going to pig roasts in the middle of the countryside with a whole Czech family or going out with Czech friends to their homes to learn about their life. It's a FUN writing piece pal and thanks for taking the fun out of it. Take it easy brother. You make it sound like I am making fun of your mother or something! Fred, you don't mean well and your Mr. Know It All attitude proves that you're the one who has THE SMUGNESS. I think you should go out a little more and enjoy yourself while you are there and not reading the Reader online. There's more of the city for you to see.
— June 25, 2010 12:59 p.m.

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