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A llama blocking the trail in Peru... wow.

Posted Jan. 3, 2011

View from the top.

Posted Nov. 29, 2010

View from the top of ancient Solunto.

Posted Nov. 23, 2010

A child runs down an aisle of the basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano in ...

Posted Nov. 11, 2010

In the crowd at Hard Haunted Mansion- so this is rave. Los Angeles, The Shrine ...

Posted Nov. 3, 2010

Fire flowers at the Electric Daisy Carnival at the USC Coliseum.

Posted June 30, 2010

Painting a canal house on the Spui.

Posted June 16, 2010

Eiffel Towers, big and small, all waiting to be sold.

Posted May 19, 2010

Beautiful peppers that are traditionally eaten with ciorba (sour soup) at a farmer's market in ...

Posted March 12, 2010

St. Elizabeth with the castle above Bratislava, Slovakia.

Posted Feb. 26, 2010

The Arch of Titus on a clear day in Rome, Italy.

Posted Feb. 26, 2010

Walking through historical opposites: an ancient Orthodox church and a Communist "systemization" housing project in ...

Posted Feb. 26, 2010

Beautiful view from the medieval wall surrouding Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Posted Sept. 11, 2009

View from Bled Castle of the glacial Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Posted Aug. 18, 2009