Chula Vista parents protest switch to Common Core State Standards

Chula Vista parents take it from a parent in NY fight against these "standards." They will ruin your child's education. They were not written by educators but will come with the over testing of your children (my son, if we allowed him to test last year, would have taken over 28 days of standardized testing). The standards are not developmentally appropriate. I invite you to go look at EngageNY website and examine the math modules and what they ask the kids to do. It is grossly inappropriate! Secondly, when you look at the teaching modules on EngageNY you will see the lessons are scripted. The teacher is a robot who reads off a script - no time for creative teaching, no differentiation of instruction for your English language learners, and no differentiation for Special Education children. Lastly, the money your district gets from RtTT for signing on to do CC will be a pittance compared to what you will need to spend for the testing that will come with it. Our district received a paltry $36,000 but had to spend over $1million on the testing. Plus 70% of the kids in NYS failed these tests. I could write a book - but take it from this parent,who is also a teacher, stop these Standards in their tracks; fight for control of your children's classrooms, fight so your teachers will have the freedom to be creative and be able to differentiate instruction. Go to EngageNY and look at the teaching modules - they will tell the story.
— September 21, 2013 5:52 a.m.

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