Smoking or Non?

(Part 2, for SDaniels) I knew Miss Wise (ironic, huh) had no clue when she wrote bad things about the pulled pork sandwich--it and the brisket are the best I ever had, period (and, again, I should know). If you are not hungry enough for a full rib plate and try only one item, let it be one of these--loaded with sauce, meat and of course slaw, I swear my mouth is watering as I type! The beans are homemade and wonderful, as is the potato salad and slaw. And, to take this reviewer to task even further, Pete, the owner, makes all the soup from scratch as well. If you get a chance try the split-pea when available--thick, creamy, very healthy and delicious! Let's see, oh yeah, the Greek chicken sandwich and plate are incredible (why is the reviewer citing a blog for her own review, btw?). Tangy and spiced to perfection (again, mouth watering as I type). And finally the ribs. If you like the Memphis dry-rub better than ribs with sauce, well then you will probably have a bias going into it. My wife, having worked at and managed an award winning BBQ joint that specialized in the dry-rub had this bias but she was floored by the homemade bbq sauce they had (both of them). The meat falls off the bones, and is as tender and juicy as can be. Again, it is the best in SD so far for us, and rivals our favorites in the south (besides "Sticky's", Bono's & Sonny's in N. Fla--very blue-collar and delicious). When we moved here from the south 5 years ago, we had a really hard time finding two things: Good Crawfish and down-home bbq. We found the first in a place called "Bud's" (now in terrasanta--check it out too!), and now have our favorite rib-joint. If you want a fine dining bbq experience (sort of a oxymoron if you ask me), then this is not the place. If you are a blue-collar, hardworking, rib-joint loving person, give it a shot. If you are a snooty, elitist, cultural critic who claims to know "authentic" southern cuisine, yet finds charm in bbq joints with "gentle Latin American sounds ranging from Oaxacan folk-tunes to Cuban and Brazilian tropicalismo", you may want to avoid this simple pleasure. (how's that?)
— June 13, 2009 5:54 p.m.

Smoking or Non?

Wow... That is all I have to say about this review. Way off base and I can see why a few people are irate about it (including my wife and I). We moved here from Savannah, Ga. (Actually know Paula Dean's sons), lived in the south for 35 years, know a thing or two about BBQ and all other forms of southern food (oysters, crawfish and fried shrimp are staples along with the ribs). My wife used to work at "Stickyfingers" (a famous rib joint in the south) for years so she knows good bbq too. Recently stopped by the famous "Rendezvous" and "Corky's" in Memphis. In short, we know and love ribs--both rubbed and sauced and Chicago House of BBQ has so far been the best we have tried here in SD. We have brought numerous friends there and they all agree that the BBQ is off the chart. Not to mention, it is almost completely family owned (when they first opened, it was all family I believe) and operated and they are wonderful people. This is why I find it very disturbing to read this hateful review. I honestly do not understand how a critic can be so smarmy and condescending while at the same time trying to convey an authoritarian perspective on BBQ--the most blue-collar of cuisines I can think of! I have not been to the other places (besides Phil's) mentioned in her review, and I am sure they are all descent, but if you want to feel at home and enjoy some of the best comfort food you ever had, try them out and ignore this pretentious, un-funny, elitist critic. What was with the slanderish comments? Is she actually trying to put these good folks out of business? And if so, why? That is what I had to ask myself after reading this because it surely was not an objective review with comments like "House of Root Canal calls itself 'Chicago BBQ'" in the opening lines. Honestly, if you are trying to gain some sort of cultural capital to help you obtain more status as a food critic, don't do it by putting these hard-working people out of business with your snarky little witicisms. There are real lives at stake here. If you want a real review folks, just ask the people that leave the restaurant after eating--they will tell you how great the food is. When you go there as often as I do, you also see a lot of familiar customers who are returning for the food (as well as workers from the surrounding restaurants coming for to-go!). In regards to comments by SDaniels, my personal review is in the next message since it would be too long to submit if included here
— June 13, 2009 5:52 p.m.

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