Filipino Rules

Apparently after reading this article, I came to realize that this article is really about her life and what she has been through, this story is not generalizing us Filipinos but simply telling how she sees it! She has made incredibly bad choices in her life and who hasn't? I'm a Filipino American and I learned that living in the society we live in can be hard. As kids, are parents would raise us towards their cultural beliefs but as we age, we sometimes get caught in between what society tells us and the native culture we belong to. It's a constant battle between the two! Who knows, maybe she was brought up in a bad neighborhood with constant drug dealings and gang activity. The environmental factors are probably what shaped her to do things she did. Plus parents are never with there kids 24/7 and who knows what happens! Going back to the article, she did also use a lot of stereotypes but I found them to be pretty amusing! Also just to let everyone know as a Journalism major, the title might be presented as it is to get you to read the article. Sometimes titles don't even relate to the story at all. Plus stories are constantly edited to appeal to the readers and so perhaps she added some comical twists to it to try to make the readers laugh or the Reader might have changed some things. So to those that are bagging on the writer, be open to what she has to say and realize that maybe she's probably lost in that constant battle between being a Filipino and a American. Also know that all Filipinos are different and are brought up differently, some good and some bad.
— March 6, 2010 7:48 p.m.

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