SOHO vs. Developers: What’s Worth Saving in San Diego?

Bill Munson: What a horribly confusing and muddled piece you've written. You ask "Where’s the human chain surrounding the place, shouting, “Hell no! We won’t go!”' You should tell us just who does that sort of thing any more. Name one credible preservationist group in this country who stages stunts like that. The answer is no one. It doesn't work and likely has never saved a building from going down. Tell us what option was left unexplored other than chaining humans to bulldozers to save the San Diego Hotel? You didn't mention the city wide opposition--including CCDC--to this demolition. Homeland Security ruled that building was going down, and that was it. The same card was pulled out for the destructive Boarder Fence project. Yet you say more could have been done? Where were you to volunteer YOURSELF as a strap-on to a bulldozer--and to face the Bush Administration as a potential "terrorist?" SOHO went to the Supreme Court with the border fence issue. About your misinformation on Warner's Ranch. SOHO has done a lot for Warner's Ranch and it is being saved and restored right now. What school of journalism teaches "make it up" if all else fails? Honestly, all this spaghetti you've tossed on the wall is very hard to sort through. You've buried a number of SOHO's achievements so deep in the article, just so you could make these sensational statements about your wish to see your "human chain" for a headline Would you like to point even one historical landmark in San Diego where SOHO or its members weren't involved with saving? Again, a very sloppy, misguided--and cynical presentation. In fact there are so many errors along with pure fiction here, a retraction should be offered.
— September 29, 2010 11:13 p.m.

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