I Never Thought I'd Become a Welfare Queen

Wow, where do I even begin to start???? Let me just say that I have sat in the seat from all aspects. I have owned my own car & house as a single parent with no help from the state much less child support. Later in life, I lost it all and had to go on welfare 100% for one whole year. Let me tell you, it was a blow to my entire way of thinking, my perspective on life drastically changed. Although, it took along time for my benefits to kick in I so appreciated that the help was there when I so desperately needed it. I was able to get back on my feet and can honeslty say I used welfare for what it was originally intended for; temporary assistance. Now, as for what the writer of this article has written, not sure where to start. You should have been taught that degrading people will get you no where, then to put it out on a publication like this makes one wonder what kind of person you are. You even indicated how you once viewed welfare recipients, now you are one... KARMA maybe??? I can tell you this much, our government system is not perfect, far from it. Will anything ever be???? As far as the fraudulent incident back in the 80's goes, those people where brought up on charges. How in the world can you shake your finger at an incident that takes place everywhere everyday?? People are going to continue to break the law, take the easy road, do things out of desperation or just plain greed, that is just the way our sinful world is, its all around us. The US government is most likely the best example of how not to do things; but it is what it is. Sometimes justice does NOT prevail that is just the plain facts. Lastly, social workers and county people who work on the front lines are so under paid and over worked. Dont get me wrong, you will find some lazy, uncompassionate, arrogant workers, but guess what, you will find that EVERYWHERE. You will also be glad to know there are some workers who really do care about the client in their time of need. They give of their OWN time voluntarily, yes this is true. The new system with ACCESS has possibly been the hardest time of adjustments, trust me very few people are happy with the way this whole system is playing out; but like all new things time will tell. No one is happy going on welfare while others make it a way of life, once you have opened your eyes to the truth that nothing in this life is perfect or without flaw then maybe you will see past your own world. Do your duty as an american citizen and complain to your elected officials, write letters, email, speak out to a more reputable publication. You know what they say about the squeeky wheel?? Be proactive with all this new time you have on your hands and use the right channels to complain. Its your right make good use of it. Thank you
— January 8, 2010 10:14 a.m.

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