Afro Puffs

I cannot figure out what this hodgepodge rambling article is actually about. What I have garnered: some lady burns way too much gasoline in an effort to avoid...living closer to where she feels comfortable? Same lady also spends way too much time concerned with pointing out the differences in people, rather than the similarities, which only serves to fan the flames she claims to want to douse. <insert me crossing my eyes like a dunce capped moron here> . Same lady's husband is deluded to think that the future "math and robotics" studies of his son will position him "whiter & whiter"...try Chineser & Chineser. Our American universities actually recruit from Asia for math & engineering students. hello? How people are still so frackin concerned about their genetic lineage is mind boggling. We're all mutts at this point. Every. Last. One. Of. Us. And enough with the hair! I see so few African Americans actually embracing their real hair, that a large percentage of the hair "blame" needs to be put on the African American culture itself. Getsoreal. I have no idea why the Nicki Minajs & Beyonces etc of the world all go to great efforts to sport fake blond locks. I think they look stupid and tired compared to the killer fro they could be sporting yet aren't. Seems like keepin it real would also take a fraction of the time & money too. So great article about how you are collectively being culturally & financially gullible? Oh & if there is a fourth grade teacher in CA that doesn't know what grits are, I challenge anyone to find them. Since corn is so exotic & all...
— July 17, 2012 8:47 a.m.

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