**To the author of the well-written and thoroughly entertaining 'twit report':** John Frater: Don't worry, I'm not mad or anything. You are a decent writer but judging from your flawed logic and closed-mindedness you're probably not a lawyer or a scientist. Your highly-inflated self-righteousness makes me think you might be a cop, but I also know some people with PhD's (or D.O.'s I suppose) who are incredibly ignorant and lacking in social skills too. Have you published anything that I can read and critique? I looked but had no luck. Anything. Even in a free, weekly, entertainment "publication of this caliber?" I'll be much nicer than you were. Envy and anger will not cloud my thinking. I can offer constructive criticism. Anyways, ARE YOU READY TO GET TROLLED JOHNNY-BOY??? Remember not to stain your briefs and have your denture-glue readily accessible because today I AM your weatherman and I'm predicting a lot of jaw-grinding and anger in your forecast. If you were mad before, (you were), just wait until you see what I've got prepared for you! Actually...... It's not for you. I don't care what you think. I didn't care almost two years ago when you licked your mischievous, bony fingers and gleefully typed up your devious little diatribe for all to see. I could care even less now. It's for the selfish reason of enjoying a little friendly competition for my own amusement that I dignify you with a response of any sort. I hope to hear answers to my questions, especially the one pertaining to trolls, which you probably resemble in ignorance if not ugliness. Thank you for your time and constructive criticism! So kind of you to offer your opinions. My rebuttal is ready to get Ctrl+V'ed all over this page. Can you handle it? Love, your humble friend and colleague, ~Laurence Neal P.S. If you still want to slap me, I'm not far away. Eagerly awaiting your reply so I can troll you and make you cry. Please hurry.
— September 8, 2012 12:54 p.m.

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