There's Been an Accident. Jadean Didn't Make It.

wow... i dont know where to start. i have known staci since she was 16 years old, i have known her thru the birth of all 4 of her children.i have known her thru the good times and the bad times and for ANY of you out there to think you can pass judgement on her parenting skills is completely out of their mind. staci loves to no end when it comes to her children. children do what children do. not because they havent been taught the 'right' things in life. believe me they were brought up with the best of the best. a mother's love is a mother's love. did anyone question 'why' this 26 year old MAN is picking up and hanging out with 15 year old little girls? why he is smoking pot and giving them ecstacy? in any other state he would have been convicted of alot of diffferent crimes...but i guess not in california. why would doug allow a 15 year old to remove her seat belt while out 4-bying in a truck.what kind of driver is he? well we know that he is a reckless one... and how many other 15 yr. olds or younger has he taken out there too. maybe some of them were your daughters,they just dont want to come forward...maybe he has taken your grand children out there too..maybe jadean made a bad judgement getting in that truck, but she was only cant lay this on the mother or the brothers or any of the rest of the family. this lays on the 26 year old man that knew what he was doing...getting little girls to ride with him and get high with him so that he could what? take advantage of them? i find the law and the justice system in california very what are you people going to do when this happens to your child? the very exact same thing that staci did...fight. its real sad because i have done some checking into different sentences that california courts have handed 'bout this one, fraud case, 5 years PRISON term and 5 years probation... no one was hurt at all..another fraud case, 9 months jail, 5 years probation.. how about the 'andrew luster case where a grown man was putting the ecstacy in womans drinks and then raping and filming it u remember that one??? now california handed him down a sentence that he deserved, why is this different...a grown man giving ecstacy to underage girls...i think he needs to be put in prison for a long time to reflect back on the things he has done...we only know about this one, what about the ones he didn't get caught for??? it is a sad situation for the thrasher family, my heart goes out to all of them...the mother will never be able to see her aspiring daughter graduate,get married or even have grandchildren...the brothers have lost the only sister they had and loved, protected just to have some piece of low life come, pick her up and end her life. what is this family suppose to 'feel' like. how are they suppose to act?? there needs to be 'justice for jadean'...somewhere along the lines doug garcia needs to spend a few years in prison...dont judge the thrasher family for what doug did...
— June 30, 2008 11:23 a.m.

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