Eco-friendly surfboards is the goal

Thank you for sharing this! I love the Super Sap concept idea for glassing on surfboards. I'm in for it, all the way! My boyfriend is a glasser and a shaper till now for **23 years**. As a partner who supports his passion. I rather have my babe using super sap to glass surfboards not **only** for eco friendly environment, but for his health while working on something he is very passion about. Last year he worked an environment warehouse without any ventilation for his glassing area at all. Of course the result was bad. But the guys who owned the warehouse did their very best to accommodate everything for my boyfriend for his glassing area. It's not their fault. It is something for me and my BF could afford. He improvised every we could to keep our passion. He'd made few surfboards with super sap recommended by custom shape buyers, and the results; tons and tons of satisfactions! Not only he shaped and glassed them super sweet and fast. But made the boards super strong and eco friendly. The greenish color from the super sap? It reminds me the kelp beds up north from home during my abalone dive for food. My BF would rather use super sap for the same reason. Unfortunately, the price to buy something healthy cost an arm and a leg. Like the usual stuff everywhere, spend very very expensive just to stay healthy. When your budget is suffering and shaping/glassing boards is the only income for food and shelter you have. It's tough. You had no idea. And yeah there are other ways. But working for something you are very passion about is of course... priceless. The bright side of this? We love working on surfboards. We love surfing, we love meeting new faces and we love to make things right. Even tho, how hard and difficult it is and of course pricely. So for me typing this extreme comment about super sap without my BF permission??? **Is suicide**. :) Wish me luck and I hope i get to graduate from sanding surfboards. OXOXO MAHALO -Bernie
— February 26, 2014 9:50 p.m.

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