Starbucks, the new street corner

I agree it is better to give to the agencies with good records of helping people and spending our money wisely. You can check out charities at guidestar.org or charitynavigator.org. If you are homeless and not already receiving a govt check with a food component you almost always qualify for food stamps and you get expedited service. Plus if you are in need of food there are many places to get hot meals downtown for free. Homeless people need help but I think the money you give out only makes you feel good and in most cases is not aiding the individual.
— August 6, 2011 6:41 p.m.

More Questions for the United Way in Their Involvement in CCDC Sponsored "Registry Week"

If you want to follow their progress you can go to: 100,000 Homes National Campaign - Downtown San Diego on facebook For info on the organization that started this model go to: www.commonground.org You will at least see what they are doing and how it has been successful elsewhere. Also you mentioned storage and showers as the best solution. This is a good idea for temporary solutions to the basic needs part of this. You will be happy to know that a group is doing the storage part and would like to add other services. They do this at a very low cost and I think you will be impressed. Check them out at: The Water Man Fan Page on facebook or helpthewaterman.com I understand your issues with the funding and conflicts that go on and that this does not address that but you will be able to be better informed about the programs and where the money is going and who it is coming from. Plus you keep mentioning that this $469k went to LeSar for the Registry Week. I believe that is for them putting together the whole project that is for a much longer period of time. Part of that is for them to coordinate all the different government agencies that are participating in this program. Probably not an easy achievement to get everybody on the same page. I hope this helps a little and I look forward to reading more on what you find out.
— June 18, 2011 7:23 a.m.

South Bay Community Services Looks Good on Paper

You can research any nonprofit by going to guidestar.org and reading their info and tax filings which list salaries and assets owned by them. It will also list revenue and what it is spent on. Obviously these allegations are serious and if true there is no excuse. But in general most orgs are trying to maintain their programs with less money because of a decrease in funding due to the economic downturn. This may lead to this kind of behavior not because of personal gain but because of a desire to serve the community. Once again no excuse but look at their track record to see what good things they may have accomplished also before possibly getting off track. I have no personal knowledge of them but do of many others and wanted to offer this personal observation.
— February 27, 2011 8:39 a.m.

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