Scan Diego?

Physicians and Medicine; To a Higher Level Ten Suggestions By Phillip Mark Milgram, M.D.  Above all, do no harm. You as a physician are entrusted, at the utmost confidence level, with the awesome responsibility to protect and preserve the welfare of another human being. The art of medicine is to discern, at the earliest possible time, when to stop, and when to forge on. An additional stroke can ruin a work of art. But ceasing before finishing the job due to expediency, sloth, incompetence or self centered fear; are beyond the pale.  Remember, you are foremost a patient’s advocate. But you must also be a partner for health and colleague to others in the healing process. This is the responsibility of the chosen profession of a physician.  Medicine was and is the greatest privilege and the most excellent opportunity to benevolently make a difference in another person’s life. Accept this gift gratefully as a humble servant.  Be tireless and unrelenting in the effort to help others.  Medicine was and is always best taught as an apprenticeship. Always respectfully be ready to learn from another’s experience, be open to constructive critique, and have the courage to offer help to a colleague when it is the best interest of the patient.  Never underestimate the healing powers of transference, confidence and the magic of unconditional positive regard. Seek to never impeach this power, as it is a great asset, along with knowledge and skill, in your quest to help others.  Always be open to new or innovative methods to facilitate health, learn from healers of the past and present; and constantly seek knowledge. Have the courage to implement these methods in the armamentarium of care for your patients.  Never underestimate the incredible healing power of the human body. But the body needs substrate, chemical and natural forces to assist in the complex biochemical processes of healing. Seek to find these in nature and in science; study and implement them in your prevention and cure.  Prevention of disease is always preferable to cure.  Always be cognizant of your human frailty, nurture yourself so that you can be a better tool for enhancing the human condition, and humbly seek to live to the higher standard of a trusted healer.
— September 2, 2012 6:51 p.m.

Scan Diego?

From Phillip Milgram MD God bless you, Mr. Bauder. I hope your article does not interfere with my keeping The LifeScore Clinic open; where lives are saved every month. Firstly, to clear up some of the misinformation in your article; I did not establish The LifeScore Clinic in 1999. Michael and Tabitha Wright did. It is my understanding that their clinic was very successful and accumulated almost 20,000 patient records until I took it over at the end of 2007. They were well-funded, and quite successful. I have been a student and promoter of Preventive Medicine, incorporating new technologies and evidence based patient centered medicine, early detection and Nutrition my entire career. We based the new LifeScore Clinic on the same principles as the Wrights: Early detection with low dosage CAT scans, plaque and cancer risk identification and education of patients to health, longevity and vigor. I never practiced at Heart Check America. They were businessmen who, prior to opening, vowed to help me keep the Clinic open, then took over my clinic and went on without me. David Haddad is not part of my reopened LifeScore clinic, but we use some of his successful marketing techniques to increase our ability to reach more people and educate them on health, common diseases and prevention, plaque reversal, weight loss and nutrition. We offer a free ultrasonic (no radiation) assessment of the plaque in their Carotid Artery, and then we have a free educational program. There is absolutely no pressure here. If clients are interested in any of our health screening, or other services, they have that option. I am developing modules for food allergy testing, rheumatoid and auto-immune diseases, genomic, antigen, tumor marker; and altogether 22 new modules, not offered elsewhere, to detect disease at the earliest stages and refer to specialists in all areas when high risk or disease is detected. This is something not done in the usual healthcare model, but I believe that an individual has the right to know about his body, and to receive low or no risk testing if they desire. Then, when the test results are back, the patient spends some time with me going over their results in relation to their own health history. I do not charge for this service. Many patients elect to continue their relationship with me as their advocate in health, nutritional guidance, in a concierge type association, or as a provider of anti-aging and laser procedures; in which I have an expertise as a practitioner and educator for the last 32 years. This is not Heart Check America. This is The LifeScore Clinic, originated in 1999, and with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.
— September 2, 2012 6:42 p.m.

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