The Wild Wild East

I was extremely disappointed to see this story as a "Cover Story" on the San Diego Reader. The fact that you intended to positively feature a group of racist extremists such as the "Minutemen" is quite mindboggling and disappointing given all the other activities that are going on in our San Diego communities. The "Minutemen" are racists that despise immigrant’s period and do NOT differentiate between legal and illegal immigrants despite them arguing the contrary. For example, Brandon mentions that Border Patrol don't question his presence in the desert because he is a "gringo"....implying that color of one's skin determines nationality? Officer Rosas was a Latino Border Patrol agent...I guess if he had not worn a uniform he would have been treated differently by both the "Minutemen" and his own agency. How about feature the good doings of the border patrol instead of Minutemen? These are exactly the causes why our immigration system is broken: Prejudices!!!These prejudices don't let us move forward as a country nor acknowledge the broken immigration system only prolong it. The majority of “illegal” immigrants actually come in legally but overstays their visa term. Others who try to come in legally better be ready to die waiting in line for an answer.... If a Chinese national enters our country by boat without a visa...he is an "illegal". If a Cuban enters our country by boat without a visa than he/she is welcomed with "legal permanent resident" status and eventually U.S. citizenship under our "Wet feet, dry feet policy" regardless of criminal history, etc...and nobody seems to throw a fit about it. Don't we owe a whole lot more to China than to Cuba ?!?!... I guess this is why Tony Dolz a Cuban immigrant and one of the founders of the Minutemen Project feels he has the right to speak out against illegal immigration...fortunately there was a policy in place to welcome him with open arms and doesn't limit the number of Cubans coming to America nor checks their criminal history and has to wait almost a couple decades to be cleared by DHS. It is important to note that all of these anti-immigration flawed statistics used in the articles are funded by John Tanton a "white supremist": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Tanton Instead let's work on reforming immigration for America. http://reformimmigrationforamerica.org/ Let's stop the hate rhetoric that has prevented us to move forward in this issue for decades. History shows that people have migrated since mankind has existed. In the world, Extreme Nationalism has only proven to be disastrous (World Wars etc) and this is what the founding fathers ran away from in the first place…they were immigrants too ?!?! “Illegal immigrants” didn't exist back them because Native Americans didn't deemed them illegal.
— March 29, 2010 2:27 p.m.

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