I Blow Smoke on Your Law

Smokers don't be polite. Let me remind you how this started the anti's, who are funded by Big Pharma, started with the airlines. No smoking under flights of two hours, then four hours and now none, not even in the airports. Then they moved to the restaurants asking could we have a nonsmoking section, please? So we then had smoking and nonsmoking sections. Once they got that it still wasn't enough, next it was banned in public buildings, then workplaces, then restaurants "for the workers." Implying, of course, that people are too stupid to be able to choose to enter or work in a smoking establishment. In many places you can't smoke inside or outside. Does that satisfy the bullies - no! Now there is a movement to ban smoking in your own private car and single family house! When will it stop - when tobacco is taken off the shelves and is no longer legal to purchase or produced! The goal by the World Health Organization is just that and they expect to accomplish it by 2020. The formula for banning tobacco is now in place for obesity and alcohol. As long as Big Pharma (who has deep pockets) produce drugs to make you stop smoking, lose weight and stop drinking it will continue, unless you find your backbone and start saying enough is enough! Do we want a government that is free from tyranny or a nanny state that will control your behavior because it is profitable for Big Pharma, the state, and the federal coffers? If you keep putting your head in the sand and believe everything that is printed or said by the media and do not follow the money trail this country will no longer be free! If it is legal there should not be any prohibition. And if someone tells you to stop smoking, or stuffing your face because you are fat, or put down that beer because it isn't healthy tell them to mind their own business and get a life that doesn't impinge on yours.
— August 26, 2009 8:26 p.m.

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