The Other McCann

the car joke didn't bother me either. it was obviously a lame attempt at humor. not funny, kind of stupid, but not all people were born to joke! the part that bothers me is the whole taking a vacation crack. now if he'd have directed his remarks at just mccann and what he thinks mccann did wrong, i don't think i'd have taken it as badly. but to make it a generic "we have to protect ourselves because all military could do this"...i found that insulting. at a time like this, i just find it skeezy as hell! i don't even like the guy personally. in this day when teachers are being laid off and kids can't pay for college to spend so much to try to keep a stupid game in town is beyond lame to me. if i did live in chula vista, i'd have done my part to keep from him being elected from that stupidity alone! like i said, he should have kept his remark personal. anytime you go general, you insult the vast majority of people in the group you are trying to talk about. again, i think he should resign too. not the least of which is the reason that 4 members could really hurt should there be a vote that comes to a tie... i don't mind her running though. she's got that right and if the city wants her, they can have her. if they don't, that's fine too. like you said, if she follows her hubby's politics i think city better off without her but that's just me. since i don't live there, i really don't have much right to an opinion about that. just the nasty comments... that said, i wish we could get a damn car allowance!
— August 14, 2009 5:49 a.m.

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