As I turn East from Nobel Drive up Miramar Road to the 15, I am reminded there are 5 miles to my destination. Taking into account, time of day and traffic, sure I could likely make it there in say, 15-20 minutes. But ... whoa wait, as I turn on to Miramar Road ... a pothole is in my line of site. A pothole? According to a random online thesauras, one the main entrys for "pothole" is "cavern." Others are "pit, cavity, abyss, crater." Although the word pothole may be appropriate for the occasional small pit in a road, I would not classify the numerous "potholes" along the Miramar Road stretch as such. The correct terms should be cavern or abyss or crater. So back to my treck down Miramar road which for many years, reminds me of a driving test where cones are randomly placed so as to drive carefully to avoid them. However, on a busy main road, swerving to avoid the cavernous potholes puts me in danger of swerving into a bike lane, swerving into an adjacent lane or slowing down, and possibly getting rear ended, so as to not throw my car out of alignment. I have emailed Mr Filner and Ms Lighter (whose email by the way bounces back because it is obviously incorrect). Wasn't she the one concerned with street maintenance?? One day, crews were out smoothing out the road AT THE END OF MIRAMAR that turns into La Jolla Village Drive. They smoothed the road from the 805 and traveled west, never entering Miramar Road? Why? There are some very deep "potholes"... very deep. I have worked hard through divorce, bankruptcy, and the like and finally was able to purchase a vehicle. I am a safe driver, yet I appear to not be as I am swerving like a racer at Miramar Speedway. Traffic is often backed up due to sidewalk maintenance, sign and light maintenance but NEVER due to street maintenance. Why is such a main road so neglected?
— May 5, 2013 11:52 a.m.

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