Celebration of the Lizard

So.. LA has less dorks, huh Josh? I mean, Angelinos might have a shxxty attitude if you don't know them, but there's nothing to worry about. Unlike the traditional SD response to LA : "I just can't deal with all that traffic in LA." (Yawn....;) Yet, they've likely only driven through LA, if not only having landed once at LAX from an international flight, the only time they actually left the North American continent :} Ummm, ok... So then it's cool to be a freak who actually wants to go to a sports bar, say in the Kearny Mesa area on Clairmont Mesa Blvd, with 25 TV's, from 35" CRT's to 50"LCD's -- all tuned to Sports. I'm giving PB and Downtown a break from the usual tools walking the streets there. No news is good news, then maybe it won't exist. Just flip your condos around 2013.. Back to Kearny Mesa Sports Bar : No one is talking to anyone else besides whoever they might have come with -- Then, others who find themselves getting Bored (no pun intended) and walk 40' to Cheetahs. Should one say, "Get a hobby."? How obvious could the answer to that question be? Like, at least know who the Doors are. Even people from Phoenix are smoking the curiosity of SD... So it would seem. Plus, they're fours hours further... 'Come'on SD!!' Christ - even an '80's SD had an urban-bible-of-cool that included the Doors.. Nice one passing that VIP, Josh :) Digression : Some might know this, but if you're in your late 30's, like Josh and I, Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood was a location for Body Double. That '80's, voyeuristic, Brian De Palma flick immediately after Scarface that used to always be on cable.. The scenes when Jake was sucked into Sam's web to be his alibi for Gloria Revelle.. I know.. Too much.. something.. Digression >> Best Bars in SD : #1 - Hamilton's Tavern (too many TV's, but when in Rome >> WTF can you do?..) Check the locals and Belgians on beer. Go Blair! #2 - Tower Bar - because they are what they are - a kitsch hang if you're punk, into Tatoos -- or just trying to maintain a safe distance. Keep it real, Mick. Oh, and I want that Hamm's bear life-size poster before another Cadillac takes out the bar again. #3 - Whistle Stop : 'cuz you're in South Park now and maybe we don't want you to know it. Great DJ's.. #4 - Turf Club - Tried and True in an "OG" neighborhood. Since 1951, I think. Love the "Steaks" neon sign.. #5 - Live Wire. Yeah, sort of, but are those Emo Fxxx Faces gone yet? Better in the '90's. #6 - Toronado -- again, like many of these bars, they're lucky I'm a sucker for a great selection of Belgians. However, unfortunately for them : I went to college in the Bay Area and they ain't no Toronado I used to know from the Lower Haight. This is like a safe and boring version, suburban style.. I can't even reach 10.. Scheiße. "Not hating at all." One of my occasional favorite expressions of late.. Enjoy. Joel
— February 5, 2009 3:39 a.m.

Deion Disses L.T.

Mr. Board : Hey there. Though I'm the first to agree to the notion that San Diego needs more personalized, frank commentary at the public level, I believe while it's on it's training wheels, if you will, let's not loose ourselves in the willingness to express "personal, honest reality" for the sake of "good copy". There are already far too many Ron Burgundy's in our fair city. >> my 2¢. I think you might be thinking from time to time : "For this, I went to College?" Well, I hope for your sake the interviews along Avenue of the Americas have gone well for you. That environment might service you a bit better towards what I surmise your personal, professional desires to actually be : international distribution of the credit "By Josh Board". [Fade in Soul Coughing / Mike Doughty lyric : "... five feet long... and luminous"] Josh Board : "I don't know how to put this, but -- I'm kind of a big deal." {Thank you Judd Apatow, Adam McKay} >> Now, I'm NOT saying "Leave town!" because, as I more or less already said, I believe SD needs even more "personalized, frank". My suggestions, comments, and criticism are more about an attempt to add "classy, pertinent, and simple" to what you already possess as a writer. Ask yourself this question, before you bow down to a shrine of yourself in your bedroom or in the dark screening room in the back your mind : Who enjoys self-important puffery? (Unless it's direct comedy..) And I'm not addressing the Crasher's current target market, who clearly lack a brain in the first place.. Cheers to my aloof puffery, I suppose.. Enjoy. Joel PS - I will write a "Crasher" for you to peruse at your leisure at some point. Of course, it would be first person. I'd enjoy your comments at that time since I know you likely wouldn't publish an article I would write. Nor would I blame you for such in advance.
— February 4, 2009 1:01 p.m.

Deion Disses L.T.

Bush 43 typed : "No slight intended." Well I certainly didn't perceive any, for one.. -- Mr. Williams : Sounds like an equitable arrangement. Keep that crisp while you can. Although, I don't know how you keep yourself lucid enough to write that published "proxy Crasher" article : under those living arrangements. Must be youth or good genes. Hope for the latter. Hmm, I'm sorry to say, sort of, I enjoyed "proxy Crasher" more (especially the disconnection between Hedgecock and his guest; that fxxxxx dude couldn't receive enough criticism. ) What a digression.. Pardon me.. "Back to you, Fred." Enjoy. Joel
— February 4, 2009 12:59 p.m.

Yo Ho, a Pirate's Hat for Me

joshb 1:20 a.m., Sep 30, 2008 wrote: "Dang it, Joel. You got me. Yet again . . . I'm a terrible, terrible journalist" I'm not trying to suggest that you are a terrible journalist, Josh. Although, I think you jacked this one up quite a bit. Mainly because I'm in the all of the imagery without even notice of publication dates (a convention I'm use to working by as a cinematographer/photographer). Honestly though, it's really because I had never been properly introduced to you prior that gonzo-masochistic approach I got the bum's rush on, "Hey!? What's your favourite '80's film?". Call me old school, but I'd really prefer knowing who's asking me questions -- even after a few drinks. I then read your article to find surprisingly the party had been panned by you, which I didn't think it deserved publicly. Nor would I have expected you to tell the story in that manner : with an added condescending spin I can only surmise, keeps the tone and feel of your writing style consistent with your column : slightly de rigueur, yet personally accessible. Therefore, when the party hadn't met what must clearly be your connoisseur-of-parties lifestyle, your personal conjecture seemed to set in at that point and not to a degree I would have expected. Hence, my motivation to let you know this in no uncertain terms. As well, it's what most of my aquaintance's at that party feel, which I guess makes me a representative for them. Believe me, I never wanted the job. In effect, all 8 of those people, as you said, including myself, felt slighted by the 20080917 Crasher. There were more than that, truth be told, around 20. These are the very people who invited you to this party in your article from the beginning. You honestly feel good about treating them that way? That is my point, which has been my key point since Sunday. It was never about giving plugs to Jesse's business in your column. I DON'T even want to judge how you to do, what you do. But, obviously, I sure felt the need to do that here. I would have just liked to know "What the eff" is happening when you're going about your profession. In this case, at that moment, four months ago, at this not-so-over-the-top '80's party . Dang . . . I would have helped you facilitate your work, at least the imagery. For the record, I like the notion of "The Crasher". I believe that as reality would eventually flush out here, your notion of first person is fundamentally different from my notion of first person, as well as what my approach to what that would be. But, it's your column and I can respect that boundary. Who am I? As I said in the other post, I'm the guy in the beginning of the video. As well, I'm the man in the center of the photograph featuring your article. No, I was not wearing
— September 30, 2008 5:07 a.m.

Yo Ho, a Pirate's Hat for Me

Mr. Board, "Towelhead", et al : There's quite a bit of material to respond to coming from my recent explanation of my strong opinion about the 20080917 published Crasher article. Unfortunately, I cannot currently respond in total to today's fallacious points made by "Towelhead" and Mr. Board. I will quickly outline an appropriate response to come with a few of these facts : #1 - I don't make surfboards for a living. #2 - I did not invite Mr. Board to said party. #3 - Party's location is not, and never was, my residence. #4 - I barely know the owner of the residence, Jesse. (Who, incidentally, is the maker of surfboards in this case.) #5 - I am not the "pack leader", by default, or what have you. #6 - I'm a cinematographer and photographer, I would never use or have reason to use images not reflecting how best to tell "the story" -- or present "the images" which others involved, could and would, overtly appreciate. As well, they would be aware, every step of the way, HOW I'm doing WHAT I'm doing. And, of course, why. #7 - I'm not asking for a better reflection of Jesse's business and I never did. I merely backed up my friend and acquaintance's opinion : the PARTY THROWER, otherwise known as Ms. Alison Spencer. ** joshb 1:58 p.m., Sep 29, 2008 wrote: "For you to insult Towelhead (I feel like I insulted him/her, just writing their "clever" name)...that just shows how idiotic you are." I'm not allowed to express the utterly superficial analogy .. uh... "Mr. Towelhead", I believe it is now, made in recent rebuttal? [Now site US Constitution's First Amendment..] (something which you ought to be aware, Mr. B ;) Mr. Board, you're beginning to challenge my commitment to civility. Thankfully, I don't work for a rag and didn't use to consider the San Diego Reader one. I STILL don't wish to. But, please refrain and not make that case any easier for me to make in the future. (Bob's your uncle.) The only point you and yours have somewhat accurate is editorial usage of images. Too bad good Art Direction, Writing, and Law aren't on the same side of the fence at the same time...You'd think that was possible, in a professional place especially. Nah, I guess that takes real professionals to handle that circumstance. Or, perhaps I ought to take your advice and not bind myself to such classier restraints while striving for the extreme professionalism about journalism you yourself claim to be bound. What do you think? (BTW : It's rhetorical..) Congratulations I suppose is in order for simultaneously reducing a good christian publication (SDR) to a rag and yourself as lead paparazzi. Your skills do exceed mine you naughty boy Mr. B. Sincerely, Joel B. Martin (an : "I haven't practiced for a while" - Catholic)
— September 29, 2008 9:39 p.m.

Yo Ho, a Pirate's Hat for Me

towelheadedcameljockey 9:55 a.m., Sep 28, 2008 "petty and picky" ??? "towelheadedcameljockey" has apparently never created anything of value of their own and, clearly, feels the need to suggest that others seeing to protecting what they have as "petty and picky". What and who is towelheadedcameljockey? >> A socialistic communist adapted to current American cosumeristic mediocrity?? Or really, they're probably just a new entry-level employee to the McDonald's Corporation with no desire for higher education. (Sarah Palin would likely want this one to procreate in Alaska, couldn't she very well? ;)) Notwithstanding, I would suggest that "towelheadedcameljockey" is in dire need of a life and some hobbies while they, hopefully, learn a grander consciousness that can extract the logical significance of the PARTY THROWER'S public reply to Mr. Board's consistently facile analogies. In other words, she doesn't appreciate this articles self-important perspective and that is her public rebuttal to Mr. Board, The San Diego Reader, and those who think "The Crasher" is "dope". Obviously, I don't either. By the way, I was at this currently 4 month old party. Not only do I remember it's correct location in OB and not PB, but also, I am the man in the first segment of the video who received no preface to Mr. Board's question (or whoever was representing him and "rolling" for the San Diego Reader and now, : What your favorite '80's film? Incidentally, the San Diego Reader is NOT in possession of a model release to publish that live-action clip including myself and therefore is currently in violation of copyright law. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink . . . SD Reader. Furthermore, "towelheadedcameljockey" wishes to JUDGE the very people that give Mr. Board his content... who wish to participate in giving Mr. Board a place at the San Diego Reader? I'm not for abolishing Mr. Board or "The Crasher". I just think Mr. Board and The San Diego Reader could help add an element of class and empathy to those of whom VOLUNTEER their time and PRIVATE space for the sake of the "The Crasher" articles. Oh... and make them (the VOLUNTEERS, that is) aware of what they are doing and attempting to accomplish as often as is logistically possible. Which, this did not occur in this circumstance, at this "decade themed" '80's party, one already referred to in rebuttal herein as "lame". Thanks in advance as well posthumously Mr. Board for that one too. You really know how to keep'em on your side, eh? ;) Heading to a better party I shall not "crash". "Shall" being the operative word. Sincerely, Joel B. Martin PS - Notice the lack of cutesy screen name.
— September 28, 2008 3:53 p.m.

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