Review: Act of Valor

My apologies Scott. Your job: "reviewing movies" is in a whole different sphere than "feeling a movie" or experiencing a movie. You view it intellectually. Well, I was right about that part on "your part". But simply viewing & experiencing the extreme bravery these people have in real-life assignments overshadowed "directing", "acting", and "dialog". THAT, blew any simple explanation out of the water. These people ARE REAL! Maybe that is why its so hard to fathom for normal average human beings. I feel if the directors objective was to simply portray courage i.e. the Navy Seals (a band of brave, loyal, trustworthy, solid fearless men); "Act(s) of Valor" achieved this(for me). The definition of VALOR is: strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness; boldness and determination in facing great danger, especially in battle; heroic courage. ACT OF VALOR accomplished this. Too much "story" too much "dialog" and REAL actors (probably cowards most) would weaken and sicken real-time real-life truths. If you don't believe these "kinds of events" exist, your head is in the sand, and I'm not talking about your "views" re such actions... just that we ARE IN FACT "being protected" by men & women "out there". This too, is huge! Not a "gad-about" discussion for afternoon tea. ouch. So, "intellectually"... yeh, whatever, you're the critic. Heartstruck and extremely proud (in a Patriotic way)is how I left feeling... and wondering, or rather "hoping": could I be that brave? ... ever. So on the intellectual level, a question for the movie reviewer: What do you mean by "propagandistic" exactly?
— March 1, 2012 10:43 p.m.

Review: Act of Valor

These days, going on years now, I have this belief about anyone: You are either a Patriot or a traitor. If you are neither, you are a coward. Scott, no offense, I feel in my humble opinion, you are a coward. I do not want to know what YOU feel you are, that is not an issue or concern with me. You are you, you have your own beliefs, life, and (to date) freedom therein (kudos to our Military who sacrifice their lives for us to be able to be and have these "gifts"). Your mind is superDuperUltra cool & and it rules your heart. It fools you(may I say: it is "brain-washed". Your review was "slick", and as petty as you claim the movie is. Listen to yourself sometime. I too have had the tendency to pat myself on the back for being an intellectual. I, through the years with life experience at my side, have realized "looking at both sides" helps an overactive, egocentric mind. Sometimes "simplicity" is the thing, the only thing. "Keep it simple stupid". What you saw in the movie was supposed to be fictionalized; didn't you see the beginning. The plot, the action, the deeds they did are.... get this----> tiny, compared to the real life stories they deal with. They ARE humble; they DO play themselves down. I suggest getting in touch with one of the Navy Bases here in town, and ask them for a minimal tour (if that option is still allowed and/or available since 9/11, or have you forgot about that time; and/or you feel "it was an inside job"). In the past I have had the honor to do just that, more than once... and NOW... I am a Patriot. And no Scott, I am not brain-washed; I WAS like you most of my life. I understand. These men & women are to be commended. So are the directors, who at least had the courage to try & tell a story (downplaying the real facts for the sake of security; yours & mine) re: the most important and only thing left in Our Country that is worth keeping: Our Military / aka: freedom. Wouldn't you love to have these guys looking out for you and your family? Well......................they are.
— March 1, 2012 2:49 p.m.

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