The True Heart of Rebecca Zahau

Hi have been whaching from the beginning....there's just too much to say.....I tptally agree with the person above Jennijenn...I mean ---Every one almost)...And "their dogs",,,,Can See ---this was Not a suicide...I have read many comments ---All,,@ especially women ...Know Right away ----No way this is [email protected] yes ---like one of the 1st commenters wrote --Shame on the Sherrrif, [email protected] the DA Bonni ---who's apparently running for [email protected] Yes ----wherver she goes ---Please Bring it Up....I would like to Her eyes Lowering Down ( for some reason...). In the beginning ---they Suspected Foul Play...then something [email protected] it feels like "somebody" was working hard on this....While Rebecca ---Laid there on the grass for some many hours...without any one covering Her....where was Adam to dot hat....Any one can say : Oh'....I went to get coffe"...when I saw Her..One can't Ignore ----the silence of these People..Adam has disappeared...Never been Interviewd, nor Jonah or Dina....There was No break In...If the thought of that had crossed her mind ----She would have called her sister right away!....No woman ---on the face of the earth or heaven -especially Asian ----would even think about doing it like that...This should be traced to the Top ---Why are they Not Interested....In Openning the Investigation ----Especially, that there are New and Very disturbing revelations....Like that a Man Heard a woman scream for Help from that House arownd 11 pm ?? the Police refuse to listen to Him ----If Jonah has "Friends in high Places"....then ?? This may have been Used to cover things...It certainly Looks Like an Act of revenge --from someone she [email protected] Footprints Not belonging to Police ---where fownd near Her Bad..+2 brashes + 2 knives.....I am Appalled by the story Mr. Black....Mr. Gore,...Mr. Jonathan ---have been "Pushing" this story of suicide....Rediculos.!!!....too many "Giveways" "Loopholes"..It's clear to Us..did somebody enter the house from the chimney ? or the veranda ? ----If No ---ther was One man there.......thanks..
— October 6, 2011 3:34 a.m.

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