That's Not Rockabilly

I agree - The only way that the Fairgrounds will ever be able to host more that watered down, mainstream musicial events is to change its policies and procedures to accomodate the thematic flavors of local music events like Hellbilly Fest. The point of having genre specific musical events is to bring all aspects of the particular event to the venue, including PBR and T-shirts with four letter words on them. As well, there should be an opportunity for less-known musicians in that genre of music to perform and become known. Disruptive behavior is just disruptive behavior, no matter what kind of musical genre is being featured. The bottom line is that people should be able to come to a venue, listen to music they like, enjoy it the way they want without danger to themselves and others, and in the process be left alone. The fact that 2500 people came together and had a good time without any problems only goes to show that it's ultimately about how prepared and efficient the promoter is. It's all about doing one's homework, having established community relationships and knowing how to use the resources one has without being too greedy in the short term. The best shows reflect the work of the most competent promoters with proven track records, regardless of the size of the event or where it's held. Think of what next year's show could be like in a more "user-friendly" and appropriate space! Another feather in Thayer's hat anyway and a great time was had by all!
— October 20, 2011 8:22 a.m.

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