The Dark Knight clocks in

All this coming from a man that gave, "Curse of the Cat People" (1944) 5 stars!!!.... ...let me say that again... he gave a movie called, "Curse of the Cat People" (1944) 5 stars!!!! Duncan is too old to be relevant. His time has past. Duncan's reviews are nothing more than intellectual masterb*tion. I want throw Duncan off a bridge. Here, I'll tell you why... My biggest compliant with Duncan is he has never written a script, never worked on a set, never DIRECTED anything in his life! Being a critics doesn't mean all you have to do is criticize. You opinions are clearly NOT shared by most San Diegans. All I can say is you must know the right people to still have the job you do. If you wish to be posh, stuck up, or striving only to make a scathing comment to the delight of your Intellectual cronies, than write for a paper out in San Francisco or New York. I mean really???... what other job in the world does a person with only a singular understanding of a profession/field (Duncan's writing background) get to nationally lambaste a project of another profession. Its like a person that trains dogs telling a Zoo keeper they don't know how to run a Zoo. Movie making is much more than that. So unless you've experienced the entire process, who are you to speak? Just because you have a degree? Such arrogance! I do appreciate his honesty, seeing as most critics just give most movies "***", w/ poor analysis of the movie-- but come on man your giving the DARK KNIGHT a pass over? You need your meds old man. On (the biggest movie related site in the world) has officially rated DARK KNIGHT as one of the best movies made (as of this writing its #3). Granted most of the ratings were made by 20-30's year olds and most probably have never seen the other movies on the Top 100 list. But still, the people have spoken, Dark Knight IS a solid and very relevant movie. Perhaps that was somehow lost by Duncan's archaic, out-of-date, ancient POV. Move aside old man, your not relevant.
— August 31, 2008 11:36 a.m.

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