South Park's Granny Flats — City Says Yea, Some Citizens Say Nay

It seems that when someone has a different opinion than some of you, then we are a developer or outsider. I live in SP near Beech and Dale, and have been in SP-NP area for 12 years. I too do not think that simply allowing multi-units is a good thing. That would be bad. But allowing granny flats is not necessarily a bad thing. If the code is not written correctly, and not enough thought is put into it, then it would be terrible for OUR community (not just yours). We are discussing that other communities have had bad experiences with granny flats. Does that mean we have to make the same mistakes? Is it always a bad idea to increase density? If it is as some of you think "always bad", then there won't be much good productive discussion. I don't think it is always bad. It might be, but I just don't think so. I think if the granny flat (not garage converstions, or additional units, a true granny flat above a garage (garage must remain garage) could be a great addition to our community. There are ways to make sure developers do not run over us. For expample: no permits for granny flats issued unless the owner lives in the house, and has for a period of time (how much time?). I don't know all the answers. I don't even know if we have the power to stop poorly thought out increased density. But I hope that we try to make sure that investment/development/preservation are balanced. As far as new bars and restaurants, I like it. I love Hamiltons, Alchemy, Station. So that's it? No more? 1 more? Should we tell the crepe place and wine bar that you think we are saturated? Pack up and tear down your improvements? I live a stones throw from these places. I take the bad with the good! I like knowing people at these places. I guess Im just confused by the anti-locally-owned-business if it happens to be a bar. Help me understand better. I am a local business owner, not an artist or someone looking for cheap rent. I'm not a developer, and this is my second post. I don't normally post things as there are enough opinions out there. This is important to me as i expect my family to live here for a long time. Hope to see you on Saturday at the Charrette! You can at least get free food while you judge those with different views for the future.
— November 4, 2010 12:47 p.m.

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