Temecula con man gets prison Clearly I'm a computer IDIOT! I can't figure out how to put this duck pic in the area with my online it went to the comments area!
— November 24, 2012 8:32 p.m.

Temecula con man gets prison

Tyler is me. One time he convinced me to stop going up on campus to use their computers in the computer lab and to get a Gateway computer for my apartment. We got one. He knew a lot about computers and I used them all the time but was not a computer guru about the mechanical part of it. We got the Gateway and he said there were problems with it and he said he would call the company and talk to them for me. He had my info...I was living with him at the time......and he told them he was me. He mispronounced my name in such a way that the people might think they had the right person but believe my name was a man's name from Europe or something. At the time, I just thought he was being nice and helping me get my computer running...and taking care of the techno stuff. Anyway...he returned the Gateway and then said we had to get a Dell. We got it and it worked fine and we used it during the two years we were together. However, because I had already opened up a Gateway account previously, he somehow contacted them and got a laptop for himself ON MY ACCOUNT....and of course I got the bills to pay for it. However, all this time, I never saw any alternative ID's, fake checks or anything like that....and he did work really hard at his jobs which most of the time were half commission based types of jobs. He would always get his hopes up that he was going to get big paychecks and then say that deals fell through and he would be so hurt and shocked. He worked at a modeling agency and some mortage places. Half the time I was with him I was in PA and then we moved to CA together. I never would have guessed he would have stooped so low as to do the crap he did to so many people though. I thought he was just mean to me like "a guy being mean to his girlfriend who he doesn't think is hot enough or something." I never would have guessed he would have been some bigtime con artist. I really thought he was just working in real estate and would eventually be happy and work his way up.
— November 21, 2012 7:46 a.m.

I’m Smarter, So I Deserve This, says Tyler Adams

I knew Tyler about 10 years ago. He told me his great grandmother Mimi raised him in Boston for the first 5 years of his life because his Mom got pregnant to a guy and wasn't ready to raise a child. He claimed that when he was 5, his Mom wanted him back. In fact, I used to have her high school photo hanging in my bedroom, but then when we broke up he had it. He told me his step dad was emotionally abusive and some other things...... I never knew what was true or not. While I was with him, Tyler told me he had borrowed $5,000 from another Penn State student at the main campus (which is where we met). She was an ex girlfriend and he used the money to buy a was like a gold Camry. I helped him take out a loan to pay her back and I think he only gave her a couple hundred of the $5,000 we took out...and I ended up paying on. I don't think she ever got her money back and I felt stupid for not handing it to her directly...but I wanted HIM to do it so he had some dignity paying her back and it wasn't like I was treating him like a child. I also trusted him. Her name is Titinun and that was in 2001 and 2002. I don't know her last name....he said she was from Thialand. I saw her from a distance at a movie theater once and she was pretty. I think she really needed the money...I thought she once even tried to take him to court for it there in Centre County, PA. Tyler was a liar and scammy when I knew him but then he began working really hard and I thought he had changed and was on the path to doing good things. I thought he turned his life is very sad he didn't. The last time I was in contact with him was about 2005, and I thought that he was really happy and settling down and had a good career etc. But that was long distance via email by he could say anything and I wouldn't know the truth. I feel terrible for him...that he was so currupt and stupid to ruin his life like this. Such a waste. He can be charming, funny, romantic and should have used his intelligence to do something good in the world.
— August 24, 2011 5:40 p.m.

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