Serious supporters of Sweetwater trustee Pearl Quiñones

I have suggestions. This is how teachers should be ranked. 1) Teachers who teach 5 or more classes each year should be favored. That would mean lower standing for any person who is DWAST, grants & communications, ext. ext. Also teachers at sites who can't stand the pressures of teaching and teach just one class at a site. 2) Strength of Credential and Education. Science and Math credentials are the most difficult to obtain, followed by English. After that, then it's special ed or history. Favor credentials that have a stronger impact on core classes. Teachers that just have supplemental credentials in these subjects with a multi-subject credential should be at lower standing. Also reward teachers who have worked hard and have obtained their Masters Degree over those who haven't accomplished this. 3) Schools API-Favor teachers who teach core content classes who's schools have shown the most improvement in API in a 5 year period. Also favor teachers who teach at schools that have shown improvement and have a higher percentage of English Language Learners. See criteria 1). Employees who haven't taught should be at the bottom first. That's a solution. That's how teachers should be ranked. ABC123, I posted my opinions and what others have told me in the district. I will admit I am not aware to everything, but just what I know. As for your last paragraph, the pay scale is irrelevant if the union takes out close to $500 a month for heath and dental insurance. If Alex and his fellow union group enforced these ideas, and perhaps your point in your post when it comes to benefit costs, I as well as several administrators and hard working teachers, will have more respect for SEA leadership.
— February 15, 2013 11:26 a.m.

Serious supporters of Sweetwater trustee Pearl Quiñones

Alex Anguiano and the entire union leadership of SEA need to go. Their terms are up at the end of the year. Alex and his group have caused numerous problems in the district. One was by giving HR a senority spreadsheet to give to principals to follow in hiring teachers. This protected some bad teachers in the district and screwed over others. I know this for a fact by speaking with several people in the district at certain levels who have good character and work ethic. Another reason is the ridiculous health & dental insurance that teachers have to pay out of their own pocket. All in all, over $500 of a teachers paycheck is given to this group. The third is the lack of interpersonal skills Alex and his group have shown to other members in the district as well as the community. I am not sticking up for any board members, the superintendent, or anyone else. I measure people on how well they do their job and work with others. The SEA officers have failed at this because of the reasons mentioned above. The SEA is necessary to protect teachers & counselors when it comes to contract issues. However, good employees don't need to depend on the union to represent them as individuals. Their bosses, who are administrators or others in another capacity can do this quite better for effective employees than the SEA can. Alex and this entire group must leave. Bring in SEA leadership who will lower health & dental rates, who do not side with bad teachers who cause problems at their schools, which include some union reps at school sites, and who can demonstrate better interpersonal skills with other members of the district and the community.
— January 19, 2013 4:30 p.m.

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