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Naomi sez: "Normally, I steer clear of lounges, sports bars, etc., leaving anything smacking of pub grub to Tin Fork." You say that as if there is never really delicious food that doesn't cost a day's wages, should one actually have a job or be wealthy enough to dine on the stock market's whim or daddy's inheritance. Perhaps the next time you take a cruise to Ensenada, try eating with the locals for starters and see if it isn't heavenly fare (and for a pittance). That said, this sounds like a wonderful restaurant with great food and I hope to visit it, unless it's populated with snobs. Oops, as you say, regarding drinks, "Whatever your preference, you can pretty much go wild -- the most expensive choices barely approach $70. Even peasants can drink well here." I guess I wouldn't be welcome unless I have at least $200 to spare for a meal for two, with drinks? Upon perusal of their site, they seem quite friendly and nowhere as over the top expensive or exclusive as your review implied. Keeps the riffraff out, I suppose. Ah well, said peasant riffraff will be dining with me for New Year's Eve, and on unto the next day with a similarly local yet expansive (not expensive) menu. Please, if you can, do not try to make *your* review seem better than another's by putting "pub" (peasant) food down. We peasants make blackeyed peas, collards and corn bread that can rock your socks off for a Happy New Year or any rainy day. I do appreciate your reviews, but not the elitist condescension toward those of us who aren't as wealthy as you. Bragging about conspicuous consumption is going out of style as the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Note: you can still consume like there's no tomorrow; it's the haughty bragging that is no longer apropos--at least not in polite circles.
— December 4, 2008 1:51 a.m.

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