The NFL's Dirty Secret

I heard it from an ex-Sixer. He said the games are produced by the owners. In other words many games are put-on productions. They want interesting and close games for the lucrative TV ratings. Money is the number one priority. Who wins is secondary. Give you an example of how it works. NE Pats in 2011 I think it was, go into Cleveland. The NE owner tells the coach and key players they are "letting" the Cleveland franchise have one. The owner lets the Vegas sports books know. Instead of Vegas making the Pats a 7 or 8 point favorite, they make the Pats a 4 point favorite because they know ahead of time that the Pats and Brady are going to tank it. This gets extra money on the NE side. Guess what happens? Cleveland wins the game 34-14! Now how did Vegas know to make the line so cheap? They were tipped off by the NE owner. It is all fixed and pro bball is just as bad. Bottom line is this: there is just way too much money involved in pro sports to play all of the games for real all of the time. The NFL is one big "family" and the better teams occasionally tank it to the weaker teams to keep them competitive and for the the good of the league as a whole. The FBI should get involved but I guess it is a hard thing to prove. Ever read the back of an NFL ticket? it says "For ENTERTAINMENT purposes only." I'm at [email protected] for more on this. Larry
— May 12, 2013 11:23 a.m.

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