People Will Tell You That You're Late and You'll Hate Them for It

I was the TE at Andrew Jackson before Ryan. Greg was my Sup. along with Mgr Rod (Tumor) Who yelled at me "A van (Astro) is a van (windstar)." (never cert. Astro) Greg used fear and Intimidation as tool, yelling at me for waiting in Break room before Clock in when Route was cased and ready. (he is looking after himself) I am surprised he did not run into M. Jordan in Encanto who loves observing Asians to a science. I was a County Carrier in Encinitas, CA years back delivering my 2nd route at 10pm at night. I endured the Abuse for 7 years "Good boy," until you question. I was transfered from Mira Mesa for not being a "Friendly Little Island Person." I had to get the union to force MGR to give my uniform Allowance....to Think was "Written Up," for not having the correct Shoes after twisting a Ankle. They would never Approve most of Dentist and Doc Appts. 6 days a week 10 hours a day per year contract..... Call in sick and your gone. Now the PO wants to hire TE's at rate of $12 per hour.... a Job is a job if your ready to go to different stations everyday...told to call back office twice till they decide where to put you.... New on route everyday.... Now the routes are 10 hours long guess Safety and night deliveries are everyday thing. The post office still has same people who will never Retire running things. Victor (Riverfront) and Rod are Regional MGR's. The union "Recardo's" (pres) praise to your questions "Be lucky your getting those hours." The Stories all TE's can tell. Ryan, this will be a best seller book if the Truth comes out. Still waiting for the USPS "Undercover Boss," episode... they are to busy giving each other Bonuses..... Congress investigation will Really uncover truth.....???? Only God will know...
— April 5, 2012 9:26 p.m.

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