David Owen

Photos of Apparent Suicide at Occupy San Diego (warning: graphic)

I believe the San Diego Ready missed the mark big time by posting so many detailed photos. First of all: that appeals to a very visceral, and morbid sense of human nature and sets a bad precedent. I'll admit I did not expect him to be wearing shorts but really I think there are other more important journalistic and humanistic responsibilities at stake here. How many people jump 8 stories from a building with a pocketful of pamphlets smack dab into the center of a worldwide political protest with this momentum? The fact that the pamphlets read "Intelligent Message to Earthlings From Your Creator" seems to me he had at least one message he wanted the world to know about. People use these kinds of protests for drastic action all the time, yes even suicides. I have done some investigation into the Occupy SD Facebook community and found more than a few wackos proclaiming this movement was the beginning of a new world order. Lots of fatalistic mumbo jumbo having to do with the Zeitgeist Movement. I warned them that their fatalism could attract Martyrs - in part because it was glorifying victimhood. Some rational people listened respectfully. Others warned that I would be banned from the group if I questioned their beliefs any more. Referring to the "evil government" here's a quote for you: "their 2000, year reign over us is coming to an end, as I stated before this is a spiritual revolution also. weather people are ready or awake mamma and the universe are going to do what is needed to but us back in balance." I am sure Occupy SD is 99% sane people, but I am asking everyone to please be on the lookout for those freaky fringe elements proclaiming the end of the world. To deny wacko's will will be drawn to this movement for the sole purpose of getting attention is naive.
— October 11, 2011 2:48 a.m.

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