Schools, Parks, and Safety Services Pay for the Chargers

Chargers fans who attend games should help pay for any stadium privately, leaving the over taxed rest of us out of it. I do not have a "dog in the hunt"(aside from being an overburdened taxpayer like many others) and don't get me wrong, I respect those who are actually trying to fix the budget mess, but why have people not "vetted" De Maio and where he came from and how that relates to his so called "reform proposals"?! From reports I have read, De Maio made a bunch of money getting "no bid contracts" from the Bush Administration from his days in DC. De Maio sold old recycled ideas that have been around for decades such as privatizing government services and smaller government ect... sounds like it was stolen from Jerry Brown's 1970's playbook). De Maio then used his Republican Party contacts to secure a few private sector contracts too. De Maio then sold his interest in those firms for millions of dollars to Republican Party operatives. So basically, De Maio's "past success" may be a mirage based on his contacts in the Republican Party and business establishment. Who is really backing this De Maio guy and what do they want??!! Will the private outsourcing of City work be "steered" or "directed" to whoever is backing De Maio?! (similar to the Naval Training Center deal going to insider Corky McMillan??!!) Also, my research reveals to me that "privatizing" is overrated. It goes over well with us voters because it sounds good like "cutting taxes". But many governments have found that "adding a layer" of management seeking to make a profit off government services does not produce the savings that proponents claim in many areas since the private sector needs to make a profit and many of the functions cannot be done "on the cheap" if you want quality work done. The County of San Diego has found that when internal departments competively bid agains the private sector, manytimes it is cheaper to keep the work "in house" at the County rather than privatize it. Private sector firms wanting to make a profit and requiring employess with advanced degrees for many of these specialized contracts cannot pay competitive rates to highly skilled and educated with advanced degree employees and still make a profit. Again, a few departments may be privatized (like gardening and maybe less skilled jobs) but De Maio and many others thinking that privatizing a vast majority of city services are the "majic beans" that will save the city from possible bankruptcy money may be in for a rude awakening.
— December 17, 2010 12:43 p.m.

Bankruptcy — Good for San Diego

Bermie Sanders is a hero to many. please see Short 15 minute speech link America is going down the wrong road and it must change or our leadership in the world will be over...finished...caput.
— December 14, 2010 1:23 p.m.

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