My Friend Kelly, a Prostitute?

Kargawd, No, that is false. "Kelly did not give Jessica permission to humiliate her by writing this selfish article. I am a part of Kelly's extended family and am deeply saddened by the decision Jessica made and was encouraged to make by her professor. Maybe she got a good grade on her paper but I doubt that Jessica would include on her resume that she chose to be a contributor to our precious family's deep pain in this devastating situation with "Kelly". Let it be said that Jessica was not nearly as involved with the family as she let on. She witnessed a few impressionable and burdensome situations but as you can hear in her tone throughout her article she wasnt and certainly isnt now a compassionate friend. We love "Kelly" so much and are doing ALL we can for her. She had been recovering and making great changes in her life. This however, is a great setback and our family is paying the cost of an insensitive friend. "Kelly", incidently, had just text Jessica on her new phone to try to see how she was doing since they had not talked for so long. Jessica never said a word about her article that was to be published in just a few days. Jessica absolutely knew that "Kelly would be mortified to have any of her school friends and families know about her dark past. Any of us would feel the same. "Kelly" called Jessica after she was informed about the article by an old aquaintence (who didn't even think this could be true about her except that all the facts and family descriptions added up) and she asked Jessica how she could betray her like this. Jessica wouldn't even speak with her. She only text that she was sorry. This mean spirited, exposure has hurt every member of our family. And since the Reader won't remove the article from this website we ask that you keep us all in your prayers and please don't write any more insensitive or bitter comments to our already wounded family on this site.
— September 25, 2012 3:25 p.m.

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