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The Shore Club's Deck

Continued from previous entry... The Reader DID publish your rebuttal, right here at the end of the article, Rose, at the end of April, and you were aware of this at the May meeting, long before this newsletter went into production. In fact, at the May Town Council meeting, you, who were referred to as, "Gatekeeper" by a community member, publicly attacked both myself and my article during that meeting. The above article was writen VERBATUM per Scott Chipman. It is interesting that your focus is on me, the writer, and not Mr. Chipman, who provided the information you so dislike. F.Y.I. Chipman requested that I make three changes to the article, AFTER he read the article and CHANGED his mind about what he had said during the interview. These changes do not accurately reflect Chipman's ORIGINAL statements. These are the 3 changes he requested, and I made: --------------------- Original: Pacific Beach is one of the 3 worst census tracts... Chipman request to change to: THIS PART OF PACIFIC BEACH is one of the 3 worst census tracts... --------------------- Origianl: Per Chipman the Planning Board... Chipman request to change: Per Chipman the Town Council Board... --------------------- Original Chipman statement: "Town Council hasn't studied alcohol licensing policies and base their decisions on personal biases." Chipman request to change to: "Town Council BOARD hasn't studied alcohol licensing policies and the MAY base their decisions on personal biases." --------------------- I look forward to seeing you at tonight's Pacific Beach Town Council Meeting, Rose, and expect that you will welcome me the way you allege, to the San Diego Reader and your community, you welcome all public media... Respectfully, Carolyn Grace Matteo
— June 16, 2010 10:08 a.m.

The Shore Club's Deck

Dear Rose, Thank you for your response to my article. I'd gladly interview you anytime, regarding any matter. Please let me know when you have a topic you'd like to share. A few points I'd like to comment on regarding your "Response": 1)You state, "Your writer, Carolyn Grace Matteo, never contacted me for an interview; however, I am quoted in your article." It is true, Rose. I quoted you in my article, based on statements you made "during" the Town Council Meeting. 2)You state, "We welcome all public media to the PBTC meetings. Community awareness is extremely important. It increases PBTC membership – getting people to participate in the betterment and beautification of our community. This includes controversial discussion." However, at the very next meeting, upon seeing me you were not at all welcoming and growled, "Why are you videotaping at these meetings, why"? My response was, "to educate and inform the public." You rolled your eyes. Is that how you welcome all public media? 3) You published in the June 2010 issue of the Pacific Beach Town Council Newsletter, "Many of you have read or heard about the article published in the San Diego Reader regarding the Pacific Beach Shore Club and are wondering why I have not responded. I assure you the matter has been addressed but not published by the Reader or Beach and Bay Press. For that reason I am publishing my rebuttal to the article here (PB Town Council June Newsletter) for our readers." 4) You published in the June 2010 issue of the Pacific Beach Town Council Newsletter, "Miss Matteo's article is void of facts." Plenty of facts there Rose, I imagine you just don't like them... Continued on next entry...
— June 16, 2010 10:06 a.m.

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