Sweetwater Athletics Hall of Fame scrutinized

Bbq, thanks for reminding us that most of our elected officials have failed to take a public position FOR our students and against the current superintendent and board. I have not heard of any CV Council members or the Mayor either publicly or privately doing anything. Same with elected officals in the other cities that SUHSD serves. The County Board of Education refuses to provide any form of oversight. The only public committees or groups that have taken a position against the superintendent and board are the SUHSD Bond Oversight Committee and the National City Planning Commission. I personally attended a community meeting held by State Senator Ben Hueso and asked if he would at least ask the State Board of Ed to investigate, and he said no. I have personally spoken to State Assemblymember Shirley Weber twice about the fiasco that is our district. I know she sent a staffer to one board meeting, but has done nothing more. Lorena Gonzalez has supported term limits for Trustees, and has sent staffers to the board meetings. One was kicked out with the rest of us at Octobers meeting. I have faith that her office will take a public position aoon as she is very outspoken about wrongs done in her district. Folks, we are on our own to make change in our district! We cant rely on our elected representatives or the courts. We need to identify and recruit new leaders, and support and elect them as Trustees. Then district leadership can be cleaned out.
— November 6, 2013 10:47 a.m.

Sweetwater Athletics Hall of Fame scrutinized

This is another example of the mismanagement, lies, deceit and outright fraud being perpetuated by Ed Brand. His inconsistencies in his email to me about whether $500 or $5000 were spent is an example of his deceit. A knowledgeable member of our community with extensive construction background saw the hall and thought each door alone cost approximately $1000. Bill McGloughlin is an active participant in this deceit as was evidenced by his responses to Susan's questions. I find it hard to believe that a superintendent that hires a private investigator to bully community members, calls the bosses of community members, asks employees to log into the district website from their personal computers so he can monitor their usage, and who bully's and tries to intimidate teachers, had no idea of this hall of fame. Ed Brand has no credibility with all of the past lies he has told and the embarrassments he has caused the district. I doubt that any coaches, teachers or community members would want his name associated with any sort of athletic hall of fame. What has he done for district athletics, other than try to create a separate sports section as he does not believe we can compete, increase bus charges to schools for extra curricular activities, and embarrass the district with his actions. I would say a more deserving person to name the hall after would be someone like Gail Devers - a respected, accomplished graduate of our district who has achieved incredible things, not a buffoon like Ed Brand!!
— November 4, 2013 7:01 p.m.

Cops kick out public from Sweetwater board meeting

I am not a teacher, just a parent, resident and taxpayer. I was appalled on how the entire scene played out. First of all, Board President Jim Cartmill should have held the meeting in a larger venue like a school gym. He knew the teachers were coming out in full force, and his lack of moving the venue was a total sign of disrespect towards everyone who was present, not just teachers, but parents and community members as well. The large crowd was being unruly and disruptive, and it was difficult to hear the business being conducted by the board. What prompted everything was when Tom Calhoun blocked the door. This is where everything fell apart. Jim had no choice at that point but to call the meeting. His decision to just let a few people in was also a mistake. He should have allowed the entire board room to be filled with those that had filled out speaker cards, not one by one as he did. He would not allow general public comment, just comment on items he and Brand felt were urgent. There were only a handful of people allowed in to hear them conduct their business. Finally, it was cowardly of Jim to reconvene closed session at 9pm so they could decide to buy the eastlake property for new district HQ. He got what he was hoping for, a smaller crowd to report out to, as opposed to reporting out closed session items at the beginning of the regular board meeting at 6pm when the crowd was larger. As far as the purchase of the new district office, I'm not sure what Jim, John and Arlie Ricasa are thinking. They are leading this district down the path of financial destruction as all financial indicators are they should not be buying anything at this time! Once again, a disappointing show by our elected leaders. Many of us who have supported Jim, John and Arlie have completely lost respect for them. They have complete disregard for the community they serve. If they are not run from office due to their criminal actions, they will be voted out of office. Good riddance!! As far as Ed Brand is concerned, he has absolutely no respect for teachers, parents of his students, and ultimately the students themselves. I saw him walk up to two community members and show a total lack of respect towards them. I was appalled to hear his tone with them; I can only imagine what he is like with his employees. A man who is clearly an egomaniac who feels he is better than all. I cannot wait to see him gone so we have a leader who cares about the student, community and teachers.
— October 22, 2013 1:02 p.m.

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