10News and Sweetwater's John McCann, True Patriots?

calmer heads MUST prevail. we can not allow john mccann to torpedo what many of us want which is a new beginning. he is desperate, the refusal of many parents to acknowledge him as the great reformer at bonita high has obviously set him on a downward spiral - and he is doing what he always does - react in a less than normal manner. in my opinion the man has severe emotional issues. he wants to be seen as somebody, the problem is the somebody we now see him for is an opportunist and a liar. he continues to tell anyone who will listen that he the ONLY PATRIOT IN THE CROWD AT THE LAST BOARD MEETING stood up for liberty and justice for all. well truth be told, he has done just the opposite. no matter what side of the fence you are on you have to be asking the tough question - while he walks like a republican and tries to talk like a republican he is a john mccann. what that is no one truly knows. again opportunist is the only adjective that comes to mind. he is not a fiscal conservative, for he is allowing himself to be used by brand so brand can demand as much money as he can get. why didn't john mccann stand up to brand regarding the double dipping, a real conservative would have. so let us see mccann for what he is - 1 - hopefully cartmill, ricasa, and quinones, (well never mind about quinones - she would not understand the conversation even if i colored it in the pearl quinones coloring book )- will take johnny boy aside and ask him as politely as they can TO ZIP IT CLOSED (his mouth that is). hopefully THE TWO OF THEM will look to the future of SUHSD and begin to build a new foundation - while none of us can change the past we surely can work towards a better future.
— September 14, 2012 2:06 p.m.

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