Home Owner Association Horror Stories

I was so disappointed to read the stories and comments in this feature, but somehow not surprised. I work in the property mgmt business and quickly assume the same role as the "a-hole cops" or "mean judges" and "sucky parents". Yes, I have seen my fair share of porly ran HOA's or bad Boards, but there are laws and civil codes that govern how each of these bodies of authority rule your HOA. Just like the real world people. Educate yourself and you may not be so quick to judge. If you sign into a community where noise must be kept down after 10pm, don't make noise after 10pm. It doesn't allow for family gathering noise after 10pm but not parties of young college student renters. ITS SAYS NO NOISE. Even if you have a perfect account of no late fees or fines, it still says no noise. (Just because there are people speeding on the freeway, it doesn't mean the cops aren't doing their job. You aren't going to get out of a speeding ticket by pointing out to the cop that there are other people speeding or speeding faster.) Rules are Rules. They aren't perfect, but I believe anyway, set forth to create a well balanced and harmonious living basis to exist around. It is so disheartening to see seemingly capable adults be allowed to own property and then not take pride in following the rules that they sign into governing them. Their failure to comply with the requests of the Association shine a negative light on homeowners who are trying. Who are complying. The only thing worse than that is the attitude, rude remarks, immature behavior, and tanturms homeowners throw when they are held at the same regard as everyone else in their community. And at the same regard for the rules in which were in place when you signed acceptance of the CC&R's for your community. There is no perfect system within the microcosm of HOA's. But I can assure you there are no kangaroo courts, nazi camps, children haters, or people who sit around coming up with ways to ruin your life. There are however amazing communities out there, with wonderful, well educated Boards of volunteer homeowners, professional management companies, and hard working vendors that get it. Here's hoping some of you homeowners do as well.
— February 19, 2010 3:40 p.m.

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