The Federal Reserve's Money Orgy

I am Alan Sandrin. A friend just pointed out the thread. I was preparing to teach civics & economics while serving front of house and locker room at Eagle Point Golf Course in Wilmington, NC during 2003 to late 2005. I left EPGC the same year and became full time Civics & Economics teacher at Eugene Ashley High School which I did for the last five years. To clarify, Mack was never the coke sniffing fiend. His ship captain and fugitive from South Africa Andre Peens and some of Mack's stranger guests flying through town real quick (execs given a golf outing flown in on the G5). Coke was left (as tip?) in 1 of 2 cottages on property once, a big bag. A few caddies, f&b workers partook. Definitely lots of cocaine consumption in the men's locker room. I saw it. Don Bauder has a point that these guys have a work ethic, but they still ride on your back for one night of illegality here and there. Nice locker room at EPGC. Some weeks had 1 foursome play and that's it. Full staff every day for a week for a foursome. It's that exclusive. It's these guys' beach golf club (third and fourth golf club in many cases). Initiation is 120k and memberships range from about 20 to 45k per year. In 2006, I sent a school wide e-mail in response to complaints about budget woes stating that if people wanted their money, it is with John Mack at Eagle Point. The curriculum I was feeding these poor souls in HS while having just witnessed what I have has sent me into a state. Teaching causes depression, but teaching for five years and taking pay cuts after seeing that shit got me on the streets passing out fliers at local areas in town that say call EPGC for a tee time since you are the taxpayer/owner. Transparency would fix this but I have been laughed at. Everyone here says "who cares". I have been laughed at, caddies sent out in trucks to intimidate by taking pictures while I pass out fliers. I tell 'em, "who cares, my name is Alan Sandrin...I am protesting you.You shouldn't work there." They don't care. None of them have prayer but for the $200 tip for carrying a golf bag. If they went to college, it was Methodist. Don't let the name fool you, it is a hospitality school. Our firefighters' trucks don't work, the streets are the worst in the state, the Wall Street Journal did a recent article on city of Wilmington's budget woes. Meanwhile, these Eagle Point Golf Club Memebers, right now, are telling some young bartender that they are fools for not investing and/or stashing their cash tax-free offshore. They are sipping on Chateau Lafite Rothschilde bragging how they were able to make the last yacht trip in only $350,000 worth of fuel whereas last time it was $400,000. There are crumbling schools right down the street. It still burns me.. a select few of you out in the cyber world are awake. Thank you. There's hope? It's far from over in my head.
— July 20, 2011 8:50 p.m.

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