Stop Draggin' My Cart Around

As a resident of Mira Mesa, I was happy to see more attention being brought to this problem. In the article, Ms. Winslow states, "Although a number of measures have been put in place to help resolve the problem...". What are these (not one but a number of) measures? As I visit my local Vons or other store utilizing shopping carts, I have yet to see any signs asking for customers not to steal or take the carts off the property. I see no offers to sell "granny carts". I see nothing to warn people that cart thief is a crime. The City of San Diego does take active measures to improve the beauty of our city. The street are swept on a routine basis, a graffiti hot line is available, we have an "Adopt a Wall" campaign in Mira Mesa, there are times when hazardous materials are picked up at the local high school, but the eye-sore of abandon shopping carts gets little attention and as far as I can see, absolutely no action. For those of you who live in communities where this is not a problem, count your blessings. On a daily basis, I cannot drive but a few blocks without seeing easily dozens of abandoned carts littering our streets and sidewalks. It will take a combined effort from city government, local retailers and local residents to fight this ever-growing problem. As a member of the SDAASC, I feel the residents are doing their part, now if we can just get the retailers and city officials to come to an agreement and find a doable solution to this ‘graffiti on wheels’.
— April 3, 2009 10:38 a.m.

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