Confessions of a Phony Navy Wife

I hated this article so much I promptly threw away my Reader when I was finished. It was so terrible and so whiny I was horrified. First, I am an extreme liberal. I am not Navy or military sympathetic nor am I all "gung-ho" USA. So, politics really has nothing to do with my post. Where to start on this horrific piece of "writing.." Well, my situation sucked. I lived in the South and hated my life (blah, blah typical teenage whiny bull) know what I did? Hmm? I went to college. I applied for loans and grants and went to college. So, author, don't hate your decisions, you made them. think recruiters lied to you. You think you were "had" ....oh whine, whine. Second, why did you have delusions of grandeur? Do you think every job you jump into and you are suddenly in a dream position? Navy or real world that is NEVER the case (except in rare instances). I graduated a 4-year college, $40,000 in debt and I could not find a job! I worked at a bowling alley for two years after college and worked at community basketball games at night. I felt tears well in my eyes every night because while I was in college I thought I was going to make $50,000 a year straight from the starting gate. When I was cleaning a nacho cheese spill off the floor of the bowling alley I became my most depressed and thought "Is this it? Is this my life?" Guess what I learned though? Everyone....EVERYONE has to "pay the piper" everyone has to pay their dues and do some crappy job they do not want to do in order to gain some experience to move on. I have been out of college for four years and FINALLY have a job that I love, that's professional, and that I worked hard to get (not to mention the pay is fantastic). Oh wait....I did CRAP for four years and got a good job I love. I worked HARD.....sounds like what the military would've done to know, given you a raise.....if you worked HARD and paid the piper. We ALL do crap we hate to get where we need to be. I have NO sympathy for "poor wittle you" having to do manual labor for a few years. I had to serve pizza to teenagers until midnight with a four year degree under my belt. Yeah. That sucked too. You brought on your own fate. Don't blame anyone for catching you commit fraud. Karma is a bee-yotch. Take responsibility for what you did. Just because you missed "eating cereal in your PJs" doesn't excuse you from thinking that its okay to buck the system. I think its a matter of ethics. Simple as that. I worked in the system, climbed up the ladder, legitimately worked for the money I take home. It just heats me up that I worked my arse off for four long miserable years at a CRAP job and got where I am today legitimately and YOU bucked the system like a snob and brat proceed to publish a whiny article about your poor widdle life. Oh please.
— May 17, 2008 10:20 a.m.

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