The Zahau Suicide Ruling: A Dangerous Precedent?

My theory: This is a clear case of murder and cover up. The day after his son's fatal fall Jonah called his loser brother to convince him to come to california to exact his revenge. The night of the murder Rebecca had already fallen asleep when Adam who had access to the home bound Rebecca first with duct tape then rope and pulled her shirt she had worn to bed over her neck and wrapped around her neck three times but did not remove it because the noose had already been tied, he removed her underwear she was wearing because she was menstruating (thus no other menstrual blood throughout the house or room) he then carried her over his shoulder and took her to the window. He set her down on her feet and then with a shove pushed her over. He then turned up the music and went to work attempting to create a crime scene that in some way could be construde as a suicide. Including the strange writing on the wall... The knots are the tell tell sign, he used complex boatsmen knots Rebecca would not have known but he as a crewman on a tug boat in memphis would know well. Adam the brother was never seriously questioned and his DNA was dismissed because he admitted to touching her supposedly to perform CPR. Though the entire suicide theory is based on a voice mail message that supposedly made her so distraught no voice mail was ever recovered and the only information we have on the voice mail is what was provided by Jonha. Johna himself stated the message just stated that his son had taken a turn for the worse and probably would die, not that he was dead. Strangely though Jonha and rebecca dated for two years none of his comments since her death have ever showed any real signs of remorse or loss for Rebecca. There also is no mention of Adam's saliva or DNA on Rebecca's lips or in her mouth which would have been present if he truly did attempt CPR. Adam either coerced her to touch the rope and other items or it was done forcibly or after she expired. I expect in the excitement of the moment he messed up the suicide scroll he was told to leave by Johna. A more likely message would have read "I killed him can you save me".. For the SD Sheriff to not consider these facts along with the fact they never interviewed her immediate family or performed any polygraph on Jonha, Dina, or Adam while the case was still considered suspect leads me to believe foul play.
— September 6, 2011 8:33 p.m.

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