Borderlands: Two Days in Ensenada

Thank you Amy for your charming story regarding "Truth and/or Consequences" (HA!) when traveling down south to Ensenada, BC MEX! My family has been traveling there since 1971, with NEVER an instance of theft, legal trouble or otherwise "horrifying" experiences. Now, I always tells friends, that if you're planning on traveling there, "If you're 'looking' for trouble, you'll probably find it!" (Just like here in the streets of L.A., huh?) But if you're literally going there to have 'legal' fun, eat the great food, buy a million or so trinkets & souvenirs ya probably dun't need...then you'll have a blast! The Mexican Government LOVES the almighty "George-Green-Back" and they'll do anything to keep L.A. & San Diego folks streaming on through, spending their wampum! So, travel there, spend yer hard-earned loot...BUT...always do that little bit of extra planning ahead for your safety...common sense things...don't make yourself out to be a target, don't get drunk in public and make a foolish spectacle of yourself in the streets and NEVER, just NEVER try to either buy or push illegal drugs...if so, more than likely, you will come up against the worse days of your life. (Don't even think about it! Our hilarious country has already 'relaxed' our POT be smart...if need be, SMOKE IT HERE...rather then there!) In closing, Ensenada, BC MEX is, I feel, one this world's most beautiful places to visit and truly fall in love with, as I am fortunate to be counted as one of those 'lovers' for almost 40 long years! - Anthony O.
— June 13, 2013 1:52 a.m.

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