Power Chase

Hey, that dude is kinda hot. ;)
— March 12, 2012 9:51 p.m.

Photography Is Not a Crime

Oy. Nothing like hysterical parents overreacting, and always to the WRONG things. Some of these dummies are the same ones who'll put cartoon stick figures on the back windows of their minivans, with the whole family's NAMES underneath, giving every pervert that sees it the name and sex of their child. Maybe some info about their school on a bumper sticker. So much useful information there for any random pervert. Now that is MUCH more of a potential issue than a random pic of their child as an ANONYMOUS person appearing anywhere, where's no connection to who that child is, and therefore no access. These same parents, here in the good ole U.S. of A. where everything is oh-so "normal" think nothing of handing their child over to a perfect stranger to raise when they're so young they can't even speak to tell IF something was happening to them during the day. That's called DAYCARE. I don't even leave my cat with a stranger, for Chrissake. But let's not talk about this, because they'll get all indignant about how they "need" 2 incomes, so therefore their children's safety comes dead last behind the "need" for a house they can't afford, 2 or more cars, multiple toys like boats, a 3-figure cable TV bill and a "home theater," etc., etc., etc. Kids hungry? Let's shove some McDonalds crap down their necks. That's convenient, too. It'll pretty much guarantee their obesity, eventual diabetes, and other health issues that lead to death, but never mind all that stuff. I'll stop there. As far as I can tell, most parents nowadays seem to be such narcissistic babies themselves that they're all too overeager to project their many failings onto anybody and everybody they see. And those of us who do NOT particularly feel the need to breed like bunnies & clog up the planet with more little consumers are their favorite targets. You know...those of us who get to sleep adequate amounts, have time to ourselves, take vacations when we want to, don't have to listen to constant screaming and whining, etc., etc., etc. :) Jealousy isn't pretty, mofos.
— June 24, 2011 9:02 a.m.

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