No process yet to replace Sweetwater trustee Ricasa

Here is a recap of this weeks episode of "As Sweetwater Turns" Johnny boy can't count to 4 and wants to spend a million dollars on an election. You know Johnny boy June to November, 1,2,3,4. Fast Eddy is having a temper tantrum "I want who I want on this board and the public cant be involved" as he stomps his feet. Johnny boy makes a deal with Fast Eddy to get him what he wants but he has to keep all their dealings under wraps. Fast Eddy with a pouting lip and a tear running down his face is in debt to Johnny boy forever. Johnny boy and Fast Eddy ride off into the sunset leaving the town of Sweetwater to fend for themselves. What will happen next week stay tuned....... The teachers have to pay more for their stuff because this place has no money for them but they can afford an election. Now Eddie boy your unions aint going to like that. Hey Fast Eddie stop lying and telling people the parents want a charter school in my school. You are lying to them WE DONT WANT A CHARTER SCHOOL so keep your grubby hands off our school. Stop treating us as idiots. Your going to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Or maybe we will get a decent principal in here for a change. Writing on the wall "Bleich takes fall for Superintendent on misdeeds" another career ruined by the mighty Fast Eddie. These people just dont learn from their stupidness Mrs. Luzarro did this attorney recommend anything on how to get this over with this quick? Did Johnny boy go against the attorney?
— January 17, 2014 12:31 p.m.

Few details on Sweetwater district's student-data-sharing deal

"How SUHSD Turns" Another chapter in the continuing saga of the corruptness and incompetence of this place. Hell this is better then "Breaking Bad". This place is the gift that keeps on giving and now they are throwing boulders at each other. He said, she said, they said, it's all a blame game for all of these idiotic self serving people. They are playing with kids lives and this Lembo lady is going to sue for slander, WTH? What a freaking joke. You would think that she would have been shocked and made everything available that day to prove they did nothing wrong. TISK TISK Ms. Lembo you have been caught doing allegedly something illegal and your are defensive about it. HMMMM not a good sign in your favor. You and your agency are screwed for being greedy and playing naughty in the sand box with Fast Eddy. You see everyone that plays in the sandbox with Fast Eddy and this board gets burned and Ms. Lembo you have crashed and burned big time. Too bad you couldnt do things the right way and too bad this district hasnt learned their lessons. Its not about the kids never has been. Too bad that while Fast Eddy and this board are in charge it never will be about the kids it is about themselves. Just ask McCann how many coin tosses on the West side he has had his bio read at for his upcoming city council run and then he leaves. He is not there for the kids to see them play he is there for his selfish goals. GUESS WHAT YOU ARE THE JOKE OF THE SOUTHBAY JOHNNY BOY. Ms. Luzarro great article!!!! These emails are really damming to the these idiots, especially Mr. Bleich. Stay tuned for another episode of "How SUHSD Turns".
— December 30, 2013 11:46 a.m.

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